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Thread: Adult Skater Club Survey & Question/Canadian Adult Nats

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    Adult Skater Club Survey & Question/Canadian Adult Nats

    Please print out the survey in quotes and hand it to skating officials at your club if you are a Canadian skater or coach. Then if your are a Canadian adult skater please answer the question that follows.

    "Brigitte Laskowski
    933 Frank Ave.
    Windsor, ON
    N8S 3P4

    Email: Subject line: Canadian Adult Skaters

    To whom it may concern;

    I am writing in regards to Adult Competitive Skaters in (insert section name) Clubs. I am working with other Adult Skaters in Canada, with a group formed 4 months ago called Compadultsk8s : Competitive Adult Skaters( Our objective is to compile a list of Canadian Adult skaters in clubs in Canada and provide this list to Skate Canada. The goal of the Adult group is a Canadian Adult National Competition in the future. Skate Canada needs the information and we are trying to provide it to Skate Canada.

    I have enclosed a few questions and hope that you will not mind sending the questions out to all clubs and passing on the Competitive Adult Skater URL to all adult skaters.


    Name of club______________________________________________ _____

    # of Registered Adult Skaters______________________________________

    (If you do not have any Adult skaters proceed to the bottom of the page.)

    # of Competitive ______________________
    # of Beginner ______________________
    # Taking tests ______________________


    How many skate ladies INTERPRETIVE ?____________________
    How many skate mens INTERPRETIVE ? ____________________
    How many skate ladies FREESTYLE ? ____________________
    How many skate mens FREESTYLE ? ____________________
    How many skate DANCE? ____________________
    How many skate PAIRS? ____________________


    Is your club looking into adding an ADULT program in the future? yes__ no___

    Thank you to the (insert section name) Section for distributing this survey to all clubs.
    Thank you to the clubs for answering this survey and replying.

    "Compadultsk8s " is an independent Adult Skater International member group hoping to provide Skate Canada with information .

    Suggestions for starting Adult Sessions

    Extra ice time is not necessary for Adult skater if numbers are low. Can Skate ice time is a starting place.
    Parents of skaters and former skaters, are the one's to help get a program started.

    Please mail survey to the above address after fall registration.

    Brigitte Laskowski
    Competitive Adult Skaters' group owner
    Adult competitive skater"

    Are you an Canadian adult skater that wishes you could compete in a Canadian Adult Nationals? Tell me what discipline(s), male or female. What level, pre-prelim, prelim, junior bronze..... introductory interpretive, bronze interpretive.... Have you competed before? Dual citizenship? US and Canada or other and Canada?

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    Adult Skaters


    If you have a public e mail contact, please pass it along. I am a member of the USFSA and can provide you with contacts in the USFSA Adult Skating division if you have not already contacted them for discussion. If Canada has an Adult Nationals, as we do here in the US since 1995 (sanctioned), then North American Competitions and/or World Competitions are not far off in the future. I'd love to be part of any such events and participate someday.


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    Adult Skater

    Is this survey over yet? If not, I would like to submit the paper...

    I am an adult competitive skater, but I only compete 2 or 3 times a year which I am not satisfied (I wanna compete more). Many competitions don't include adults due to lack of number of participants, so said my club officer. However, nothing stops me from competing. I always look for an upcoming competition where Skate Canada sanctions, and adjust my schedule for it (also chequing account as well, LoL).

    Let's get this survey going around, Single Skater! Cheers!

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    Sorry, your name was SingerSkate! It was a typo... and please accept my sincere apology....

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