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Thread: MK Phantom question

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    MK Phantom question

    Are MK blades still made out of the same amount of steel?

    My old ones from around 10 years ago would say: Sheffield Steel, Made in England.

    My new ones just say: Made in Sheffield England.

    Just wondering because I don't seem to have as much glide on my blade as the old ones.

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    That is a very interesting question, and I hope someone will chime in with an informed answer. I believe that they do keep tinkering with the formula. The newer blades have higher carbon content and less chromium, or something like that. (?)

    If I am not mistaken, "stainless steel" was invented in Sheffield 100 years ago, and "Sheffield steel" was kind of a code name for this product.I do know that the steel industry in Sheffield is still going strong, producing the finest quality industrial steel as well as cutlery, etc.
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    I think I once read somewhere that the steel isn't necessarily from Sheffield anymore but that's where they are still made. I'm not really sure if I remember correctly though and I can't find the source anymore. Anyways, MK and Wilson blades are made of carbon steel with chromium coating. Paramount and Ultima Matrix blades have stainless steel runners. Stainless steel is harder than carbon steel so that they stay sharp longer but some people complain that they're noisy on the ice.

    Reading up on steel, apparently stainless steel differs from carbon steel in chromium content, that is stainless is a chromium alloy which resists corrosion. I agree it would be interesting to know the exact specifications used for figure skating blades and how they differ between entry level and high end blades.

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    I had old "sheffield steel" blades (from about 20 years ago) and they definitely weren't stainless... I currently skate on Phantom profile Paramounts and I love them, they glide effortlessly

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    I have new Phantom blades and they glide effortlessly too. I have no idea what steel they are made from but I definitely don't have problem with gliding and speed on the ice.

    alexeifan, could your problems with gliding on those blades be caused by not having the right sharpening for the ice you are skating on? For example, on harder ice I would need my blades sharpened with deeper ROH than on softer ice because on softer ice deep ROH would prevent to glide easy, whereas on harder ice not deep enough ROH could slip if I don't hold the edge properly.

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