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Thread: Which Skaters (or Team) are you most eager to see in the coming season?

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    Which Skaters (or Team) are you most eager to see in the coming season?

    Somewhere, Somehow (TV or Live) you're hoping to see certain skaters. Who are they?

    Please avoid naming Plushenko, Joubert, Michelle, Sasha, Shizuka, Shen&Zhao, Navka/Kostamarov. I think we are absolutely sure we will be seing them easily someplace and especially on TV.

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    I've been to the last 3 Euros and am looking forward to going to Torino next year. There are several skaters I've come to like, although I couldn't possibly spell, or even sometimes remember their names.

    I'll give it a try: Vaktung M, Kevin vdP, Kettunin, Poykio, Sarah Meier, Zuzana B, Sara Falotico, Tomas Verner, Ann-Sophie Calvez, Klimkin, Lambiel, Liashenko, Pauvik, Kostner, Dombier, Jeanette.

    I seem to be the only person left on earth, other than their mothers, that is hoping for a Phil&Tiffany comeback. I'd love to see them fulfill their potential, even if I'm the only one who can see any.

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    Of course, I want to see everyone but these are the ones I must see somehow, somewhere.

    Lindemann - to see if he can come back with a repeat.
    Grizev - to see if Tarasova can get him into the last group of six.
    Klimkin - hopefully no injuries
    Lambiel - he should be practicing more now that there's no school
    Sandhu = Maybe two routines that work.
    Buttle - ditto
    Lysacek - He's about to make a statement
    Weir - What's skating beyond the Nats.
    Min Zhang - Surprised me at worlds.
    Takeshi - Hopefully, he makes an appearace.
    TGoebel - Can he get it back?

    Miki Ando - Will she or won't she? Must see.
    Carolina - waiting for that skate so I can join the bandwagon.
    Fumie - Will she redeem herself?
    Irina - Will the improvements keep coming?
    Rochette - Is she out to spoil?
    Phaneuf -Will the Ahhhs continue?
    Sebastyen - I think there's more to come
    Poykio - Another surprise. Will the surpises continue?
    And the following: Lliang, McDonough; Kirk; Meisner and Ota, Asado.

    Marcoux and Buntonl Orshur and Lucash

    Gregory and Petukhov; Wantabe and Kido



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    BG - We agree on many. I'm going to try to get to Euros in Torino because the Olys will cost the price of a Villa in florence and I can't swing that.


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    On TV:
    Langlois & Archetto, Kevin Van Der Perren, Gregory & Petukhov, Jenny Kirk, Mike Weiss,

    At Nationals (I'm going, and I'm excited, so sue me! LOL):

    Gregory & Petukhov!!! Jenny Kirk!!! Mike Weiss!!! Tim Goebel!!! Matt Savoie!!! Belbin & Agosto!!! Scott & Dulebohn!!! Angela Nikodinov!!!

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    Tim Goebel, Parker Pennington, and Yebin Mok.

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    I would like to see in person

    Johnny Weir
    Sergei Davydov
    The male skater from Mexico. I don't know if that's the right one I'm thinking of but he exhibits lots of showmanship?


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    I would love to see both Takeshi Honda and Angela Nikodinov come back and have a strong showing this coming season.

    The "lesser knowns" I'm anxious to see, either in person or on TV, are:

    Beatrisa Liang - I have a feeling she is "due" this year
    Kevin van der Perren - he's almost "ripe!"
    Daisuke Takahashi - coming along with a sprinkling of Tarasova
    Obertas & Slavnov - another season together will be great for them
    Borzenkova & Chuvilyaev - another Moskvina team, I hope to get a chance to see them again
    Jordan Brauninger - because I just love this kid, he's so much fun to watch!
    Denis Leushin - a much "lesser known" Russian. I just want him to make at least one TV broadcast!
    Andrei Griazev - he came so far this last year, I think he will go even further


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    People I've seen a little bit of, and would like to see more:


    kristoffer berntsen (sp?)
    daisuke takahashi again, sp?)
    johnny weir
    matt savoie
    kevin van der perren
    stephane lambiel
    vakhtang murvanidze (sp?)


    viktoria pavuk
    susannah poykio
    jennifer kirk
    dan fang
    joannie rochette
    yoshie onda
    miki ando


    orscher/lucasch (sp?)


    people I have never yet seen, and want to know what the fuss is all about:

    yukina ota
    yebin mok
    bebe liang
    AP McD
    amber corwin
    mao asada (and the other... forgotten her name!)
    ...all the rest of the US and Japanese gals!

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    I am eager to see Jenny Kirk, Fumie Suguri, Yukina Ota, Miki Ando, Ann Patrice McDonough, Beatrisa Liang, and hopefully Irina Slutskya for the ladies! And for dance I'm excited to see Belbin&Agosto!

    Jenny Kirk
    Ann Patrice McDonough-she was out early last season due to injury
    Beatirsa Liang
    Danielle Kahle
    Kimmie Meissner
    Katy Taylor

    Fumie Suguri
    Yukina Ota
    Miki Ando

    Binshu Xu-she's a totally cute skater from China!

    Irina Slutskya-hopefully she will get better from her illness!

    Belbin and Agosto!
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    I am interested to see how the 3 chicklets mature in the next season (Meisner, Taylor, Kahle) and to see if one of them will become a contender for a spot at the olympics or if they will be beat out by the more experienced skaters like Ann Patrice or Angelina.

    I am torn on Miki Ando, I would like to see her polish her presentation skills because I so admire her athleticism... but I find myself conflicted because I dont really want her to become an unstopable force for some of my other fav ladies to contend with.

    I want MK to compete on the grand prix circuit so much, I know we were supposed to name skaters who are lesser known that we would like to see get more tv time.... but I think that its important that she make the rounds this season.

    I want to see more of Brian Joubert because I think he is delicious, and I hope Honda and Goebel recover from the injuries in this upcoming season.
    I would like to see more of Carolina Kostner because I feel like I need to warm up to her before the Olympics in 2006 because she will definately be getting lots of attention due to her hometeam hero status.

    I also am keeping my fingers crossed that NNN will be able to make it to nationals this year... I miss her.

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    Either on tv OR live, I'm looking forward to seeing/hoping to see the following skaters, to see how well they'll do in the new season or to see them return from injury/absence:

    Angela Nikodinov
    Ann Patrice McDonough
    Naomi Nari Nam
    Jenny Kirk

    I'd love to see:
    and as a soli-ist, Shae-Lynn Bourne
    added to the Stars On Ice cast, which I attend live every year.

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    I always look forward to seeing skaters I haven't seen yet, so I'm going to confine my list to them, since my list of ALL skaters I look forward to seeing is just too long!

    Andrei Griazev
    Damien Djordjevic
    Xiaodong Ma
    Parker Pennington

    Mai Asada
    Yukari Nakano
    Joannie Rochette
    Jennifer Don
    Jenna McCorkell
    Tugba Karademir



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    Evan Lysacek- Nationals, 4CC, & World Juniors he has shown that he is one of the most consistent American skaters out there. He does not have a QUAD yet, but he does possess a pretty consistent 3Axel, and with the help of Frank Carrol I am sure he will become a very powerful force in the US and perhaps the world. Hopefully...

    Johnny Weir- Is he here to stay? With some better choregraphy he will be a major force in the world!!!

    Shiziku Arakawa- will she blossom even more, will she stay with the Russian coach?

    Yukina Ota- She can fall 20 times I will still watch her, she is so beautiful to watch.

    Sasha Cohen- I am curious to see if Robin can help her with her consistency..but I am afraid that Tarasova was the perfect match for her artistically...Sashas presentation w/ Tarasova was unbeatable.

    Michelle Kwan- can you please do some grand prix events..

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    Denkova & Stavyiski
    Kerr & Kerr

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