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    Exclamation ER Fans - Read This

    I don't "buy" this!!

    Too Old 'ER' Leading Actress Fired!

    In case you wondered how old you have to be before you're considered "old," the answer is 41. At least, that's what British actress Alex Kingston thinks. She tells the BBC's Radio Times listings magazine that her contract as Dr. Elizabeth Corday will not be renewed on the aging NBC drama series "ER" because she's too old.

    Do you think she looks too old?

    Kingston, understandably, was "shocked and upset" by the news. But she wasn't at a loss for (bitter) words. She zinged it to the show's producers by telling Radio Times, "Apparently I, according to the producers, the writers, am part of the old fogies who are no longer interesting. Does it mean that I am the geriatric being pushed out because she is too old?" Maybe. It could also be her $150,000-an-episode paycheck. The newer and younger actresses on the show aren't making nearly as much. Even Kingston acknowledges this. "I am sure there must have been some financial feeling behind the decision not to renew my contract," she grumbled.

    Kingston has been a staple of Thursday night's fictional Chicago emergency room since 1997. But in recent times she said she has become "deeply unhappy" with the show and felt her character, who is now a widow, was being utilized less. "There was a point where I had to find out what was going on and that was when the producers said they would no longer renew my contract," she told BBC's Radio Times. "It was a shock and upsetting, but it is just your ego that is upset."

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    Except for Weaver and Carter is County the only hospital in the country that is staffed only by med students and new residents? I wonder who will assume the crabby surgeon role?

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    First Romano, now Kingston. They sure are goofing up this show by who stays and who goes.

    I know I am not alone; many viewers are tired of Drabby Abby and her endless personal dramas shoved down our throats. And many loved to hate Romano. Face it, he was entertaining to watch and some some good lines each week.

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    That pure nonsense. I thought losing Romano was a real low point in the show. He's the guy you loved to hate, but he added spice and "friction" to the show that gave it an edge. I love Kingston's character and would hate to see her go. I am guessing their trying to lure a "younger" crowd to boost ratings, or they just don't want to pay the big bucks anymore........a real bummer........... 42

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