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Thread: Updating thoughts on missing GP series?

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    Updating thoughts on missing GP series?

    I recall a lively debate shortly before SA (when MK pulled out) about whether pulling from the GP might hurt her for Nats / Worlds by not showing her programs under COP. Now we also have Sasha and Plushy not competing GP (any others??), and have also had the chance to watch a couple competitions and see how things are evolving with the COP scoring system.

    Just curious whether any opinions have changed or updated as the season has progressed, and as additional skaters have dropped out.

    Of course if the reasons are 100% due to injury, and it would not be safe or healthy for any skater to compete, I am NOT suggesting they should. Just wondering if there are new thoughts on how missing this part of the season for whatever true reasons may impact Nats / Worlds now that we've seen more.


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    Well, Sasha and Evgeni have skated in last year's GPs and they were using the CoP and Sasha scored quite well. Evgeni unfortunately, did a boo boo on the rules. Yet, the CoP was just being tried up and it is continually being monitored for improvements. I think skaters should take advantage of it just to get the feel of it.

    It seems a final score of 200 is the ideal way to go but given its subjectivity those + and - scores can vary from competition to competition even if the skaters do their identical routines.


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