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13th Chinese National Winter Games


GS given name - Beatrice
Record Breaker
Nov 12, 2012
just watched Sui/Han both programs and still can't get over chills they gave me...

They look so mature, composed and fierce at the same time. I really love choreography for both programs - it really encases their best abilities. I see that they went more cautiously in tech side of FS, but it is a real treat to watch - they are really lost in performing, looking fully engaged. She is a firecracker, but I couldn't take my eyes of him - the way he carries himself is just amazing.

Yes, I agree about scores inflation, but seriously - at Worlds they will be scored at least 5/6 pts lower than top teams even if clean. They are constantly lowballed in PCS and considering great programs, ability to perform I am simply sad they're not rewared accordingly...