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2018 Four Continents Gala


On the Ice
Sep 15, 2017
For that big of a venue, I imagine they must have at least 1 if not more backup generators and battery backup until they get online


GS given name - Beatrice
Record Breaker
Nov 12, 2012
Wow I thought the stream just cut out, but the power has actually gone down at the arena?

I wonder if Boyang will still skate to an accapella version of Spider-man LOL

He, Danny, Jason and Jean-Luc could provide energy needed from their smiles alone to light up arena again:) :)


Final Flight
Feb 28, 2007
Chih-I TSAO GALA https://youtu.be/c71iQSt0oMM
Shiyue WANG / Xinyu LIU GALA https://youtu.be/erj7vjKqGV4
Jason BROWN GALA https://youtu.be/SxW_5HVcwuk
Ashley CAIN / Timothy LEDUC GALA https://youtu.be/5OaINMT1vHE
Amy LIN GALA https://youtu.be/UaqD5rc0vLE
Kana MURAMOTO / Chris REED GALA https://youtu.be/VrPLOer1w1s
Elladj BALDE GALA https://youtu.be/RZ-DsMC9hdY
Dabin CHOI GALA https://youtu.be/1s6cyW_vpX4
Misha GE GALA https://radikal.ru/video/Hyv4u1SXbya
Carolane SOUCISSE / Shane FIRUS GALA https://youtu.be/3MhzpdEkftQ
Mai MIHARA GALA https://youtu.be/cW2Mm1Lbua8 https://radikal.ru/video/29gGKGJpNt2
Tae Ok RYOM / Ju Sik KIM GALA https://youtu.be/beeChwymCvQ
Shoma UNO GALA https://youtu.be/dKhQ1EaZjFA
Kaitlin HAWAYEK / Jean-Luc BAKER GALA https://youtu.be/hJ8r7udwDJw
Kaori SAKAMOTO GALA https://youtu.be/N8yDyWHQv44
Sorry, missed signal from Taipei =(


Sedated by Modonium
Record Breaker
Mar 23, 2010
Wow powercut... divine intervention? Someone is telling Boyang... save it for the Olympics!!