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Adeliia Petrosian


Jan 12, 2018
Sasha said once she would compete with men but Adeliia really made it into men's competition, at least according to graphics:


Yeah, it was hilarious and also spoilery, I planned to watch the last group of guys after girls, so I thought everything was spoiled and Kolyada won.. then I was quite surprised after Kondratiuk, probably much more than those watching it live.. :biggrin:

Anyway, Adelia was awesome yesterday, looking forward to many successful quad loops today.. ;) :cheer:


Record Breaker
Feb 27, 2014
Now the junior nationals are really as thrilling as the senior ones. Adeliia, Sofia A., Sofia M., Sofia S., Anastasia Zinina. To choose the three for the junior worlds will be really difficult.
That's brutal and junior Russian nationals will be like the real world championship. There are a couple girls closing the gap on SA and one is Adelia.

Congrats to Petro on a fantastic senior Russian national's debut. What a score!