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Alla Loboda & Pavel Drozd

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Jan 26, 2014
I loved the first team. I loved Alla because she humanized the team. She reached out to the audience and told a story. She brought Drozd, who is an incredible skater and very flexible but generally "above it all" in his performance style down to Earth. Like Pride & Prejudice. They were an Elizabeth & Darcy type of match for each other for me.

I was open to an Abachkina & Drozd partnership--though sad--because I liked both halves of the whole and both previous teams.

But I cannot love Konkina. Her skating is very angular and hasn't changed much in that since I first saw her in 2015. I haven't enjoyed watching her with any of her three partners thus far, and I think she is more the reason than them. I am sure there will be people who love her skating and would love this team if it forms. But I'm afraid it won't be me. So another favorite junior team lost, and every time I see the new one, I will likely be reminded of how much I loved the former partnership.

Thus is the life of a dance fan.


Jan 24, 2006
Since Alla and Anton have just made their international debut (they were 3rd at Egna Dance Trophy), I decided to open a thread for them so that all the info about this new team is written there and not in Loboda/Drozd thread. You can find it here. Unfortunately, since they dont't have their ISU bio, I couldn't find the information about their music or their coaches (I can't recognize the man who was with them at Egna Dance Trophy). If anyone has more info, I will include it in the OP. Thanks in advance for your help.

Tomorrow I will also open a thread for Konkina and Drozd.