Anna Shcherbakova


On the Ice
Nov 11, 2019
More RusNats gala photos, by Mihail Sharov.



Moonbear power 🐻
Record Breaker
Jul 3, 2018
Zhenya was asked about Anna's RusNats Free Skate during her new interview

"About Anna Shcherbakova and other skaters: "She was just like a super-woman, a superhero at these competitions."

OC: What were your emotions from the Russian Championship? This is the first championship in which you did not participate, and you won it more than once. What was it like to be in the spectator stands when the other girls competed?

Yes, I arrived in Chelyabinsk a little beforehand before the demonstration at which I was supposed to perform. And I was actually impressed. Everyone knows that Anna (Shcherbakova - approx. OC) had many health problems. And she's incredible, of course. I'm proud for her. I have known her since I was six. And she was so tiny. Yes, she is still tiny, although she has grown. I am very happy for Anya.

OC: After Anna finished her free skate, it seems that everyone in the arena was crying or were close to it. How did you feel after her release? Especially considering that you are training together again.

This is the case. Not everyone knew about her health before the Russian Championship. And I'm certainly not the kind of person who should talk about this now. But I can say that everyone (coaches) was in tears, because they knew how difficult it was all for her. And yes, they were tears of joy, because she came out of all these troubles as a winner. She was just like a super woman, a superhero in this competition."


Final Flight
Dec 5, 2018
Look at this video! I mean Daniil's reaction to Anna's skating. It seems to me it was her first big victory Russian National for young age. 5 yeas ago but he is still keeping to take care about her:)

Great find! I don't recall seeing this costume before, though the music is familiar. Anna is showing her trademark moves and delicacy and is sliding particularly well here.

Nice 3-3-2 -Lo (or 3-2-2 -Lo) at 1.45. You can see where Alina and Alexandra learnt theirs from! Just kidding. :biggrin: Or perhaps not.