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Boot suggestions for adult doing doubles


Feb 6, 2024
Hello there!

I live in Finland, 20yo female, 58kg, 165cm
Egyptian feet, low/really low arches, wider forefoot (not super wide, but still wider than my heel)

I've been figure skating for two years and recreationally before that, I have a 10 year long athletic background involving a lot of stuff similar to track and hurdles (so, super strong legs, knees, ankles). I have my axel, double sal, double toe and a fully rotated (not yet landed) double loop, I'll be starting double flip too this year. I have powerful and high jumps.

When I started, I went to Skate Shop in Helsinki to get fitted for my first skates. They only measured my foot length and then put me in Jackson EVO (later turned out that the boots were a size too big) and I was in those for 7 months before they broke down, I learned everything up to lutz in the EVOs. Only after those 7 months did I learn that EVOs are for children... nice to know :D

I tried Edea chorus in a normal width for a short while and they were way too narrow, which led them to break down fast. Then for my third fitting, they had me try another Edea and also Risport Royal Pro, the Royal Pros were so much better of course, I got them punched out a bit in the front because they were a bit too narrow there. The heel felt great though! I skated in them for a few months and realised they were also a size too big, which felt really sour after everything. So, I ditched those and tried D-width Edeas and after a couple of heatmolding(?) sessions they feel decent. I've been in them for three months now and I'd say they're great for now (I do have to massage/roll out my arches before skating, or I get some arch pain in my right foot, that arch is also a bit higher than my left, don't know if that's a possible reason)

I absolutely love the feel of Edea and prefer the loose ankle, I just keep thinking that maybe I should be in something else because of my foot shape. I'll be skating in my wide Edeas til they are dead, but I just want advice on what my next choice of boot could be. I'm open to custom boots.

The figure skating shop I've gone to hasn't given me a great impression, they just measured the length of my feet and nothing else. The people that have fitted me for boots were all really young and didn't seem to know much about different foot shapes etc... still, that shop has a very good reputation, and they work with most of my country's elite skaters. The only time I felt like I got decent service was when an older skate tech there moved my blades(CA) to the inside of the boot because of my overpronation, she really took her time to check that they were aligned right. I had never seen her in the shop before, I would have loved to have been fitted for boots by someone as knowledgeable as her... :)

sorry for the long post, any advice is appreciated! English is not my native language btw.