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Daisuke Takahashi back to Nikolai Morozov


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Mar 23, 2010
Morozov and Johnny would be a match made in kitsch heaven.

Morozov seems incapable of subtlety, while Johnny thrives on melodrama! It is likely one of the program I am most looking forward to next season, to see Johnny as the Monsieur Gaga on ice, hip swaying to Russian garage beats in full Johnny Gear.

Violet Bliss

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Nov 19, 2010
According to this article (English translation on fsu, and Chinese translation here). Lori Nichol is not doing Daisuke's choreography. "It didn't work out" = "The circumstances have changed", right? Maybe it's because she is doing Oda's LP? Or simply part of the agreement with Morozov?

eta Upon more careful reading of the original article and the Chinese translation, the quote is still "the circumstances have changed."
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Sep 10, 2009
Well my dear, I'd rather answer with the quote of miyu from Dai's forum who commented this article:

"I'm concerned with the reason why Akiko Tamura wrote clearly that the plan of the collaboration of Dai-chan and Lori fell apart…
According to japanskates's transcript of the press interview, he only said "Not fixed yet. It had been fixed once but still I don't see the direction clearly. (so I can't announce at this moment.) When the direction is settled properly, I'll announce. " (I have no idea what he meant with the word "direction".) I can't see "the collaboration fell apart situation " from this comment.
Does Ms. Tamura have more information other than the interview?
It's better to wait for a little while more as we don't have any clue to know the truth...... "