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Elizaveta Pasechnik & Maxim Nekrasov


On the Ice
Dec 7, 2018
Elizaveta Pasechnik (Russian: Елизавета Пасечник) and Maxim Nekrasov (Russian: Максим Александрович Некрасов) are an ice dance team representing Russia.

Elizaveta was born on April 30, 2005 and Maxim was born on September 27, 2000.

With her former skating partner Dmitry Blinov, Elizaveta placed 2nd in the 2022 Russian Cup Final. She also previously skated with Egor Kolosovsky and Stepan Makovei.

With his former skating partner, Arina Ushakova, Maxim is the 2018 World Junior bronze medalist and 2018–19 Junior Grand Prix Final silver medalist. He has also won six medals on the ISU Junior Grand Prix series, including gold medals in 2017 Italy, 2018 Lithuania and 2018 Armenia.

ISU Bio: not yet available

All Skaters
Elizaveta: https://allskaters.info/elizaveta_pasechnik/
Maxim: https://allskaters.info/maxim_nekrasov/

Rink Results
Elizaveta: http://www.rinkresults.com/skater?skater_id=34013
Maxim: http://www.rinkresults.com/skater?skater_id=32555

Elizaveta: not yet available
Maxim: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Maxim_Nekrasov

Golden Skate FFs with previous partners
Arina Ushakova & Maxim Nekrasov

2022-2023 Season

RD: "Paxi Ni Ngongo" performed by Bonga; "Gasolina" performed by Daddy Yankee
FD: "Dark Conscience" by Tommee Profitt


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