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Record Breaker
Jun 21, 2003
Tessa Virtue and Scott Moir of Canada danced effortlessly to their third Skate Canada title as the event wrapped up Sunday in Mississauga, Ontario.

Jun 21, 2003
Fine work by Tatjana Flade as usual.

I have two questions.

Riazanova and Tkachenko received a two-point deduction for a music restriction violation. Apparently, the majority of judges felt that the Romance by Georgi Sviridov didn’t have enough rhythm.

How can something like this happen? Why would their coaches choose music that did not satisfy ISU requirements? If it is borderline, why take a chance on what "the majority of judges" might or might not think about it?

Second...Does Weaver and Poje's song mean "I am sick?"


On the Ice
Mar 16, 2005
Wow! Just saw the Italian team and they were so enjoyable to watch. Beautiful choreography and music. They had my favorite free dance of the night and it did not seem so contrived like some of the other top teams.


Wicked Yankee Girl
Jul 26, 2003
Math, It's like UR's and flutzing. Although there were rules against both, deductions were not taken for years, and people kind of ignored the rule. In dance, they ignored the audible beat rule , especially if there was no beat for a relatively brief time, as in Nino Rota's Romeo & Juliet.

This year the music violation for no audible beat for more than some number of seconds has been taken 3 times. Zhiganshina & Gaszi were penalized at Nepala and had to add a beat, and a junior team was also penalized on the JGP, both for Romeo & Juliet. I don't recall the deduction ever being taken that way before.

So this can happen when coaches and choreographers don't believe the rules will be applied, so they violate them.

In fact, sometimes the non-application of rules in skating is quite shocking, as when Amodio was not penalized for having understandable words in his LP at Worlds last year.

As to the question about Je Suis Malade- here's one translation of Lara Fabian's song:

I do not dream any more
I do not smoke any more
I do not have even any more history
I am alone without you
I am ugly without you
I am Like orphan in a dormitory
I do not want any more
Of living my life
My life ceases when you leave
I do not have any more life
And even my bed
Transforms itself into quay of station
When you go away…
I am sick
Completely sick
As when my mother left the evening
And that it leaving me only with my despair
I am sick
Perfectly sick

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