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GPF2016: Onsite Reports


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Jun 9, 2014
Café has seats of course, but food from the kiosk you just have to eat standing, or take it to your seat in the arena. There's no seating area, or water fountains etc.

By the way, Medvedeva and Miyahara nearly collided during Miyahara's practice run-through yesterday, and Miyahara uncharacteristically botched a jump right after. The skater who has their music playing has priority, so it's Medvedeva who should kept out of the way... But I was pleased to see her go to Miyahara after her run-through was finished, and apologise. She has good manners!

(I saw other near-misses in other practices... some between skaters who are obviously "close" and no apology needed... but in at least one instance, that did not seem the case and I would have expected an apology - but I didn't see it happen. I'm not going to give names because maybe I got it wrong, perhaps there was an apology and I missed it, and anyway I don't want to generate any bad feeling for any skater).

BTW I noticed Hanyu and Fernandez seem to take great care to stay out of the way of other people's run-through's etc.

Thank you for the reports! Its always great to hear that some skaters are aware and take responsibility even if they are competitors. :)


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Feb 18, 2014
Is it wrong to say that I would greatly disappointed if I went to France and the food wasn't excellent? Even in an arena?

Definitely not wrong! It depends on where you go, the food in Paris is many, many times better than what's offered at the arena in my opinion.

^^^ Thank you so much for your on-site reporting. It takes a lot of discipline to write that all up after you've had a long, tiring day at the rink. I went to Sk Am and Sk Can and had the best of intentions of writing every day, but I got lazier and lazier about writing as the competitions went along. So thanks a lot. It means a lot to those of us who wish we could be there! :thank: :ghug:

No problem! :) It's my first time attending the GPF so I'm glad I can write up some reports to keep every detail fresh in my memory and share it on the forum.


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Feb 18, 2014
Day 3
Here's my report and thoughts for Day 3!

Junior Pairs FS:
Much like yesterday’s Senior Pairs FS, this was rather scary to watch. So many mistakes from the couples in many different elements (yikes! the lifts!):shocked: for the exception of the winners who completely blew me away. Mishina/Mirzoev are so talented and are an amazing pair that will win medals at the Olympics one day!​

Senior Ice Dance FD:
First group was quite boring, not that too exciting to watch honestly(sorry!). The support in the audience for Papadakis/Cizeron was immense, so many cheers for them before/while/after they were skating. French really like to support their own country's sportsmen! As for Tessa and Scott, they were mesmerizing to watch –so in sync like they were made for each other, performing movements like one body. Amazing performances both in the SD and FD, well deserved win! Scott handled the music mishap in the beginning like a pro, they’re so professional during these circumstances.

I found out after the FD that one seat after mine sat Guillaume’s parents and grandparents. Very cool to know that!​

Senior Ladies FS:
Much to discuss here in both placement and scoring, but overall I just have to say that I’m happy for the medallists no matter the order they’re in and Satoko + Anna skated beautifully. Evgenia’s few mistakes that she values so much to improve seems to show more of her human sides during this season’s Grand Prix with her skates at Trophée de France and at the GPF.

Senior Men FS:
This is what everyone had been waiting for, the arena had a certain atmosphere that is hard to describe –everyone was ready for the exciting conclusion of Men’s skating at the GPF.

First and skated clean! Wow!! Shoma skated to his full potential today and I’m very happy for him! His usual low-footed landings look a lot better and more improved than before, interpretation of the music with much skill. Never-ending cheering from the audience when he landed one jump after the other! Congrats on the Bronze medal!​

Sad for his free skate today, his expression in the kiss and cry showed it all. At Trophée de France it was phenomenal, don’t give up Adam!​

Wow, this guy totally surprised me; I don’t know what kind of magic coaching Raf has given to Nathan, but it totally worked at one of the most important times of the season. I always had thought in order for him to develop he should lay off some quads to prevent him from injury/lack of components, then today when he landed those 4 quads —crazy!! Building up his TES surely was another strategy to move up the ranks, not sure if I agree with him scoring higher PCs than Adam though. In Paris when he was with Marina, Nathan seemed to have showed more artistry in the program but not have all the jumps down. Yet going back to Raf, his artistry had reduced but his jumps are working 100%. So I wish both can coach him in order for success in both PCs and TES.

Dark horse of the entire competition! Swept away the Silver medal with one skate!​

There was a different vibe in the rink when he entered, just utmost focus for skating. The start of the program went smoothly, but at the 3rd quad he fell and everyone gasped in concern! I’m sure everyone was hoping for a clean skate from Yuzu (himself included) since he always does so well at Grand Prix Finals (judging that he won the past 3, and this time in 2016 as well), today it wasn’t perfect but jumps aside, his movements are pure artistry. I love his spins, the different positions, speed and every aspect of his spins are superior to all the other men in this competition (Yuzu’s biellmann is even more so a dream to watch live).

In the kiss and cry, he definitely looked disappointed from his mistakes and everyone watching this event no matter in live in the arena or through TV/computer streaming, probably thought the same thing: he was going to lose this year’s title. But after Javi’s placement and Patrick’s -4.00 deductions, he managed to stay in first place and won again! Yuzu looked disheartened/shocked when his 3rd place finish in the FS appeared on the screen, however when the overall scores added up to be in first place his expression was visibly more relieved and every supporter probably felt the same. Thank goodness! It’s always nice to see the skater I came especially for win the GPF again.

Also, he was a huge supporter for Javi during his skate, cheering at the side behind Orser. Always will admire his great sportsmanship! :) In the winner’s interview after the final results were announced, even though he’s still in the process of learning the language, his English seemed to have improved from last year and he managed to complete the entire interview without a Japanese translator or interpreter (I understood what he was saying this time!).

During the medal ceremony, he jumped on the no.1 spot on the podium as usual with enthusiasm and joy to win his 4th GPF! Yuzu’s humour was great, for example when he noticed the podium shook/bobbled and when all three medalists were standing in the middle of the podium, the wobbling platform gave another laugh to the audience. :laugh: Yuzuru offering to link arms with Shoma like married couples do at weddings was amusing!

After Yuzu’s skate it was hard to concentrate because in my mind, I was contemplating “Is the GPF title going to be Javi’s or Patrick’s this year?” Javi has so much natural charisma while skating, the entire audience loved him. His placement was a shock to everyone, probably including himself. I really thought the podium this year would be guaranteed: Yuzu, Patrick/Javi, however those young skaters proved everyone wrong!​

Such a bummer that he made so many mistakes and had 3 falls, otherwise I was sure he would take the 2016 GPF champion title if he had skated clean since his SP score was the closest to Yuzuru’s. On the side note, he finally got a costume! (not one that particularly suits him though, sorry but it kind of looks like wrong-coloured sweat stains on an old shirt). Patrick always seems to peak in the beginning of the season and not do as well at the GPF, it happens every time during the different seasons.​

Overall the competition was so surprising, intense and exciting to watch in the men’s event! With this, we’ll have tons to discuss until the numerous nationals! :agree:
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Feb 24, 2013
Definitely not wrong! It depends on where you go, the food in Paris is many, many times better than what's offered at the arena in my opinion.
Off-topic, but I really need to look into this more next time I'm going there (in a few months, Japanese video game music concerts, yay!), find some good addresses to have lunch or dinner. I always have these brilliant plans to go out for dinner... and then come across a French bakery somewhere and get too tempted by the baguette and end up just eating baguette with the most delicious camembert au lait cru in the world. :scratch2: