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Dec 7, 2018
Greta Crafoord and John Crafoord (both born December 28, 2000) are a pairs team representing Sweden. They are twins! They are also the 2-time junior Swedish national champions and placed 15th at the 2020 Junior World Championships.

They are coached by Natalia Mishkutienok and Viktor Pfeifer.

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Rink Results:

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ISU Personal Bests

Personal Best Total Score134.40ISU CS Nebelhorn Trophy 2021 - OWG Qualifying
Personal Best Score Short Program48.87ISU CS Nebelhorn Trophy 2021 - OWG Qualifying
Personal Best Score Free Skating85.53ISU CS Nebelhorn Trophy 2021 - OWG Qualifying


SP: "Bring me Sunshine" by The Jive Aces
FS: "In the End" by 2WEI, Linkin Park; "Will It Ever Be the Same" by Young Summer; "Survivor" by 2WEI, Destiny’s Child

SP: "Fix You" by Coldplay
FS: "In the End" by 2WEI; choreo by Aljona Savchenko

SP: “New Moon (The Meadow)” from “The Twilight Saga: New Moon”, by Alexandre Desplat, performed by Alexandre Desplat
FS: “Waves”, by Dean Lewis, Nick Atkinson & Edd Holloway, performed by Dean Lewis

Videos linked in results
2022-2023 Season
2023 European ChampionshipsSenior pairs42.551383.3112125.8613
2022 Swedish NationalsSenior pairs47.38188.371135.751
2022 Golden SpinSenior pairs47.131178.5512125.6812
2022 Grand Prix EspooSenior pairs45.79781.588127.378
2022 Skate AmericaSenior pairs48.28782.327130.628
2021-2022 Season
Nebelhorn Trophy 2021Senior pairs48.871485.5314134.4014
John Nicks Pairs Challenge 2021Senior pairs49.051099.549148.599
2021 Cranberry Cup InternationalSenior pairs47.13991.2810138.4110
Challenge Cup 2021Senior pairs46.171081.528127.698
2020-2021 Season
NRW Autumn Trophy 2020Senior pairs38.43474.483112.914
2019-2020 Season
World Junior Championship 2020Junior pairs46.341577.9714124.3115
Bavarian Open 2020Junior pairs44.45575.614120.064
Swedish Junior Championship 2019-20Junior pairs38.91170.101109.011
JGP Gdansk 2019Junior pairs33.8215WDWD
2017-2018 Season
Bavarian Open 2018Junior pairs41.60366.204107.803
JGP Gdansk 2017Junior pairs41.331671.5016112.8316
JGP Riga 2017Junior pairs38.881263.3612102.2412
2016-2017 Season
U.S. Championships 2017Novice pairs39.14372.893112.033
2015-2016 Season
U.S. Championships 2015Intermediate pairs34.24258.83593.075

Other Media
2021 On Ice Perspectives Video
2017 Christmas on Ice Exhibition
2014 US Juvenile Pairs Program
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