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Icenetwork streaming for Nationals


Mar 4, 2007
I just discovered a couple of issues with IceNetwork streaming you might want to be aware of.

First, if you are using filtering from OpenDNS, either by itself, or on a Netgear wireless router, there is something in the filtering somewhere that blocks IceNetwork streams. I figure it is most likely becuase I am blocking BitTorrent by wholesale blocking all UDP ports from 1024 and up. If you are doing this to block BitTorrent, the IceNetwork streams may not work, and you may have to temporarily turn this filtering off at the router. I allow the neighbors in my apartment building to use my WiFi, but I block all pornographic and illegal content. Blocking UDP ports 1024 and up is the only way to completely block all access to BitTorrent, but is also raises hell with a lot of other stuff as well. With the "six strikes" anti-piracy regime coming into force, such drastic measures are the only way to completely shut down BitTorrent. The flash streaming for IceNetork is using a UDP port somewheres betwen 1024 and 65535. A lot of other people operating open WiFi hotspots will likely be taking such drastic measures are well, so if you go to an Internet cafe or anywhere else with public WiFi, you may find that IceNetwork streams may not work.

Second, I found that you will have to have version 11, or later, of Adoble Flash to be installed, otherwise you will get a message that an error has occurred. So be sure to have Adbobe version 11 or later installed, or the IceNetwork streams will not work.