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Interesting History books


Record Breaker
Dec 4, 2004
I like History books. Always have....but they have to be well written....history that reads like a rivieting novel is best.....
That said, I am now reading a book written by Shinsato and Urabe About Mitsuo Fuchida using the first person tense and using Fuchida's extensive notes. What isnt said is in some ways more interesting than what is said but no matter, its still very interesting and insiteful, and about a man cloaked in mystery. He is famous for leading the air part of the attack on Pearl Harbor...but he survived laying on a stretcher on his ship's deck recovering from apendicitis as he watched the bombs fall that sank it. He survived the day before and the day after at Hiroshima....he met a Christian Doolittle raider on the streets of Tokyo after the war and came to the US and became an evangilical who flew around the country in a small plane for his new religion. The book is only 300 pages long and it needs to be 600.....
It mentions he was in China before the war started with the US but nothing else. That in itself would be interesting. Being high up in the Japanese Navy at the start of the war, his insites into the minds of his superiors like Yamamoto and Nagumo are would love to sit down and have a beer with him....he mourns the orders to burn all the battle records at the end of the war, destroying much of Japanese history....and that was a sad loss....