ISU videos explain PCS


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Nov 7, 2007
These videos are quite useful, but I wish they refrained from using currently competing skaters as examples.

Also, it made me laugh that in this video about IN (, they compare two of Kostner's Dumky Trio LPs, citing the one at 2008 Worlds as an example of BAD Interpretation (behind the music and unable to catch up, expression and nuance movements adversely affected, etc), especially compared to the same program at the 2007 GPF, which they say was GOOD interpretation, the "best" of the year.....yet if you actually check the protocols, Kostner actually received slightly higher IN scores at 2008 Worlds than at 2007 GPF (7.36 at Goteburg vs. 7.35 in Torino). Ha!

Yes, I know you can't directly compare scores across competitions, blah blah blah......


you should see her in a crown
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Nov 12, 2011
thanks for posting. they bashed on surya pretty good haha


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Jul 26, 2003
Blades, I wish you would write something for the Reference section-I'm working my way through the Dance rules, but I wish someone would do a good job of the singles rules.

As you said, this is not analytical enough, IMO too.