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Ladies Short Programme


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Mar 27, 2007
Kiira was stunning and elegant. Gorgeous jumps, and the spins, which used to be a weakness are great now. Everything flowed beautifully and she performed every moment of that program. Very deserving first. She's improved so much over the years!

Makarova was wonderful too. I hope the coaching change works out for her.

Carolina :( Her flow and skating skills are the best bar none, but her jumps were totally off today.

Leonova was extremely disappointing. I hope she can rebound in the free so Russia can have 3 spots next year.

From the younger set, I loved Ira Vannut. Huge jumps! I thought she was a little underscored in PCS compared to those around her.

Juulia Tuurkila also showed a lot of potential. Nice basics and jump technique and no nerves :)


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Nov 5, 2009
Wow Sarah Meier in third! What a surprise. It'd so great for her to medal.

Kiira is really having a good season no?


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Jun 18, 2008
Article from Swedish TV answers the question regarding swedish womens figure skating; Vivi Hultén bronze 1932, Europeans in Paris.

Thanks for the link. I took a look at Wikipedia, and Hultén was also the last Swede to medal at Worlds in 1937. That's a horribly long wait for you guys.

I can hardly believe a Swedish skater is in 4th place after the short - it's a great accomplishment even if it does not result in a medal this time because it shows the potential is there.

During the Swedish Nationals, I told one of the photojournalists from that I believed we were witnessing the beginning of something great in Swedish figure skating. Maybe it will happen sooner than I expected! :)

I think Swedish skaters are underscored a lot because judges (maybe subconsciously) aren't used to top skaters from our country and thus mark them down a bit - hopefully this is changing as we speak!

As long as Viktoria continues to perform well, her PCS should improve. Her countrymen are still stuck at the moment, though. :eek:hwell: