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Dec 7, 2018
Lia Pereira (born 5 March 2004) and Trennt Michaud (born 22 August 1996) are a pairs team representing Canada.

They are the 2023 GP de France champions and the 2023 GP Skate America silver medalists. They qualified to the 2023-24 Grand Prix Final.

They are also the 2022 Golden Spin bronze medalists and the 2023 Canadian national bronze medalists.

Lia also competes as a singles skater and she won gold at the 2022 Cranberry Cup as well as placing 6th at 2022 JGP Courchevel.

Trennt previously skated with Evelyn Walsh, with whom he is the 2022 Four Continents bronze medalist and a three-time Canadian national silver medalist. He also had partnerships with Hope McLean and Judith Murtha-Anderson.

ISU Bio:

Skating Scores:

Rink Results:

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ISU Personal Bests

Personal Best Total Score194.6704.11.2023ISU GP Grand Prix de France 2023
Personal Best Score Short Program65.9703.11.2023ISU GP Grand Prix de France 2023
Personal Best Score Free Skating128.7004.11.2023ISU GP Grand Prix de France 2023

2023-24 Season

SP: “River” by Bishop Briggs
FS: Gladiator OST by Hans Zimmer & Lisa Gerrard

2022-23 Season
SP: Where We Come Alive by Ruelle
FS: Pirates Of The Caribbean, Singapore by Hans Zimmer

CompetitionTotal Score
2023-24 Season
2024 World Championships8 (186.93)
2024 Four Continents5 (182.05)
2024 Canadian Nationals2 (193.14)
2023-24 Grand Prix Final6 (185.16)
2023 Grand Prix de France1 (194.67)
2023 Skate America2 (182.59)
2023 Nebelhorn Trophy4 (188.94)
2022-23 Season
2023 World Championships6 (193.00)
2023 Four Continents4 (186.33)
2023 Canadian Nationals3 (176.53)
2022 Golden Spin3 (176.88)
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