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Aug 25, 2017
Luc Economides is a men's figure skater who represents France. He was born on 2 March 1999, in Mt. St. Aignan, France, and considers his hometown to be Cergy-Pointoise, France. He is coached by Florent Amodio, Françoise Bonnard, and Sofia Gassoumi in Vaujany, France, and is choreographed by Florent Amodio. His former coaches are Bernard Glesser, F. Drieu, and B. Belieu. His hobbies include dancing and music. He started skating in 2004. Luc was the 2nd alternate to the 2017 ISU Junior Grand Prix Final in the 2017 Junior Grand Prix Season. He is the 2019 Santa Claus Cup Champion.

Biographical Information

ISU biography:


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Luc's ISU-sanctioned personal bests

Personal Best Total Score230.7404.11.2023ISU GP Grand Prix de France 2023
Personal Best Score Short Program78.5910.01.2024ISU European Championships 2024
Personal Best Score Free Skating153.7504.11.2023ISU GP Grand Prix de France 2023

FS: Interstellar (soundtrack); choreo by Artem Fedorchenko

SP: "Selah" by Kanye West; choreo by Florent Amodio
FS: Smile (Charlie Chaplin) performed by Nat King Cole; Nonsense Song (Charlie Chaplin: Modern Times)

SP: I Like It by Cardi B
FS: Wild Is Life

SP: I Like It by Cardi B
FS: Charlie Chaplin Medley

SP: Rain, In Your Black Eyes by Ezio Bosso
FS: "Dank Mozart" by Illuminati; "Lacrymosa from Requiem" by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart; "Dies Irae" (Avance Remix) by Apashe & Black Prez

2019 French Championships SP
2019 French Championships FS

2019 Warsaw Cup SP
2019 Warsaw Cup FS

2019 Finlandia Trophy SP
2019 Finlandia Trophy FS

SP: "Sinnerman" by Nina Simone; choreo. by Florent Amodio
FS: "Un Amor" by Gipsy Kings; choreo. by Florent Amodio

2018-19 French Nationals
No videos found

2018 Tallinn Trophy SP
No video found
2018 Tallinn Trophy FS

2018 Lombardia SP
2018 Lombardia FS

SP: "Send in the Clowns" by Barbara Streisand ; choreo. by Florent Amodio
FS: "Un Amor" by Gipsy Kings; choreo. by Florent Amodio

2018 Junior Worlds SP
2018 Junior Worlds FS

2017 JGP Salzburg SP
2017 JGP Salzburg FS

2017 JGP Gdansk SP
2017 JGP Gdansk FS

SP: "Amélie" by Yann Tiersen; choreo. by Florent Amodio
FS: "Broken Sorrow" and "Beauty from Afar" by Nuttin' But Stringz; choreo. by Florent Amodio

2016 JGP Saransk SP
2016 JGP Saransk FS

2016 JGP St. Gervais SP
2016 JGP St. Gervais FS

SP: "Tango Flamenco" by Armik
FS: "Broken Sorrow" and "Beauty from Afar" by Nuttin' But Stringz; choreo. by Florent Amodio

2016 French Championships SP
2016 French Championships FS

FS: "Un soir de pluie" by Blues Trottoir

2013 NRW Trophy

SP: "Les Jours Tristes" feat. Yann Tiersen (with chirping birds!)
FS: X-Men: The Last Stand soundtrack by John Powell

2013 Val de Gardena SP
2013 Val de Gardena FS

Competitive History

Season 2023-2024
2024 World Championships21
2024 European Championships15
2023 French Nationals2
2023 NHK Trophy10
2023 Grand Prix de France6
2023 Budapest Trophy7
2023 French Masters4
Season 2022-2023
2023 French Nationals14th
2022 Warsaw Cup4th
Season 2021-2022
2021-22 French Nationals
2021 Trophy Metropole Nice1
2021 Finlandia Trophy11
Season 2019-2020
French Championships 20196
13th Santa Claus Cup ISU1
Warsaw Cup 201915
Finlandia Trophy 201913
Masters de Patinage 20193
Season 2018-2019
Challenge Cup 201913
French Championships 20184
Tallinn Trophy 20187
Finlandia Trophy 201813
Master's de Patinage 20182
Lombardia Trophy 20188
Season 2017-2018
World Junior Championship 201815
French Junior Championships 20181
French Championships 20177
JGP Gdansk 20174
Master's de Patinage 20171
JGP Salzburg 20172
Season 2016-2017
World Junior Championship 2017
French Junior Championships 20173
French Championships 20165
Master's de Patinage 20162
JGP Cup of Mordovia 201610
JGP St.Gervais 201611
Season 2015-2016
French Junior Championships 20163
French Championships 20157
Master's de Patinage 20153
Season 2014-2015
French Junior Championships 20157
12th European Youth Olympic Winter Festival8
French Championships 20149
25th Volvo Open Cup5
Master's de Patinage 20145
Season 2013-2014
French Novice Championships 20142
NRW Trophy 20132
Master's de Patinage 20134
Season 2012-2013
5th Rooster cup4
23rd Gardena Spring Trophy6
French Novice Championships 20132
Season 2011-2012
4th Rooster cup1

Galas and Exhibitions

2018 Luc Economides/Florent Amodio / Gala international des stars de la glace

2017 Master's Gala

2013 Meribel Gala
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Dec 9, 2019
Well done on your debut at Worlds economy man (he is being referred by viewers on YouTube live chat)
I think that he has a Greek surname, with œkos meaning environment, nomy for science or knowledge, and the -des suffix is I think like -dis "son of". So, son of an environment scientist? This sounds very XXIst Century. If someone knowing Greek better than my poor school memories, I would appreciate...
Now, from a Japanese viewpoint, "X des" means "It's X" or "I'm X" or "my name is X" (this is one of the very very few words or sentences I know of Japanese). Then, as economy is I think a rather generally known word in Japan, Economides sounds like "It's Economy" or "I'm Economy"...