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Maria Pavlova & Alexei Sviatchenko


On the Ice
Dec 7, 2018
Maria Pavlova (born 8 February 2004) and Alexei Sviatchenko (born 24 March 1999) are a pairs team representing Hungary.

They are the 2022-23 Hungarian national champions.

Maria previously skated with Balázs Nagy, with whom she is the 2022 Hungarian national silver medalist and finished 11th at the 2022 European Championships.

Alexei previously skated representing Russia with Daria Kvartalova, with whom he was the 2018 JGP Richmond bronze medalist and with Anastasia Balabanova.

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Maria Pavlova & Balázs Nagy

ISU Personal Bests
Personal Best Total Score172.9826.01.2023ISU European Championships 2023
Personal Best Score Short Program57.9725.01.2023ISU European Championships 2023
Personal Best Score Free Skating115.0126.01.2023ISU European Championships 2023

2022-2023 Season

SP: I See Red by Everybody Loves an Outlaw
FS: Angel by Tokio Myers; Somebody To Love by Queen

2022-2023 Season
2023 European Championships57.976115.014172.985
Four Nationals Championship 202361.841112.011173.851
Golden Spin 202253.58997.679151.259
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Record Breaker
Jan 7, 2016
This is what coach Fedor Klimov had to say:

Google translation:

Fedor Klimov: “The Italians, who won the European Championship, showed good skating. But for me, Pavlova and Svyatchenko are champions in skating”​

Sochi 2014 Olympic champion in the team Fyodor Klimov commented on the results of the sports couples competition at the European Championships in Espoo.
Klimov is the coach of Maria Pavlova and Alexei Svyatchenko, who play for Hungary. They finished fifth in the tournament.
“I want to congratulate Maria and Alexei, they did their job almost 100%, I am satisfied with them. Estimates, I think, are not the ones they deserved, both in the short and in the free program.
The Italians, who won, showed good skating. But for me, Maria and Alexei are champions in skating. At least they should be on a pedestal.
They paired up in February-March last year. We can say that the progress is fast, but for the skaters who skated in pairs at a high level and have a good school, not such a short period of time has passed.
For now, it is necessary to hone and execute purely the technical set that they have. You can see for yourself, the level is such that pairs with double jumps take second and third places at the European Championships.
So, if the guys make a quality set without ultra-c, they will already be able to claim high places, ”said Klimov.