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Dec 7, 2018
Maurizio Zandron (born 15 November 1992) is an Italian-born figure skater who represents Austria in men's singles.

He is the 2016 Denkova-Staviski Cup, 2018 Bavarian Open, and 2018 Sofia Trophy champion. He is also a three-time Austrian national champion (2019–21).

Maurizio competed for Italy until 2018.

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ISU Personal Bests

Personal Best Total Score228.27ISU World Championships 2022
Personal Best Score Short Program83.10ISU World Championships 2022
Personal Best Score Free Skating145.17ISU World Championships 2022


SP: L'ultima notte di Amore (Soundtrack)
- Santi Pulvirenti
- Lorenzo De Benedictis
FS: Adagio for strings - David Zinman, Orchestra Sinfonica di Baltimora - Lorenzo De Benedictis

SP: Earth Song by Michael Jackson
FS: Gortoz a Ran by Denez Prigent; Adagio For Strings by David Zinman, Orchestra Sinfonica di Baltimora; Revolution by Eternal Eclipse; Nemesis by Benjamin Clementine

SP: Earth Song by Michael Jackson, Save Us by Armand Amar
FS: Alice in Wonderland by Danny Elfman

SP: Earth Song by Michael Jackson
FS: Alice in Wonderland by Danny Elfman

SP: That's Life; In the Swing
FS: Alice in Wonderland by Danny Elfman

SP: The Feeling Begins, Best of Belly Beats
FS: The Artist


CompetitionFinal Placement
2024 World Championships27
2024 European Championships17
2023 Austrian Nationals1
2023 Golden Spin4
2023 Warsaw Cup5
2023 Tayside Trophy1
2023 World Championships24
2023 European Championships11
2022 Austrian Nationals1
2022 NHK Trophy11
2022 IceChallenge9
2022 Crystal Skate1
World Championship 202217
Bellu Memorial 20223
Sofia Trophy 20221
European Championship 202217
Austrian Championships 20222
Skate Celje 2021 ISU1
Ice Challenge Cup of Austria 20215
Tayside Trophy 20211
1st Trophy Metropole Nice Côte DAzur6
Nebelhorn Trophy 202114
Lombardia Trophy 202113
World Championship 202129
Tallink Hotels Cup 20214
Austrian Championships 20211
Budapest Trophy 20205
Nebelhorn Trophy 20204
Sofia Trophy 20203
Bavarian Open 20206
European Championship 202028
Austrian Championships 20201
13th Santa Claus Cup ISU2
Bosporus Cup 20193
8th Denkova-Staviski Cup ISU1
40th Volvo Open Cup7
International Halloween Cup 20194
Nebelhorn Trophy 201910
Lombardia Trophy 20199
Skate Victoria 2019 ISU1
Egna Spring Trophy 20194
Coupe du Printemps 20193
Cup of Tyrol 20192
Challenge Cup 20196
Austrian Championships 20191
23th Eiscup Innsbruck1
Alpenpokal 20181
Sofia Trophy 20181
Bavarian Open 20181
Italian Championships 20183
11th Santa Claus Cup ISU2
Tallinn Trophy 20176
34th Volvo Open Cup2
Ice Star 20178
Lombardia Trophy 201713
Cup of Tyrol 20177
Winter Universiade 201713
European Championship 201719
Italian Championships 20173
Tallinn Trophy 20165
19th Merano Cup2
25th Triglav Trophy2
Cup of Tyrol 20162
Bavarian Open 20164
Italian Championships 20163
Golden Spin 201516
Tallinn Trophy 20159
18th Merano Cup5
Skate Canada Autumn Classic 20155
24th Triglav Trophy3
Coupe du Printemps 20156
Hellmut Seibt Memorial ISU8
Winter Universiade 201518
Mentor Nestle Nesquik Torun Cup 20156
Italian championships 20144
Winter Universiade 2013
16th Merano Cup4
14th Crystal Skate3
Lombardia Trophy 20135
23rd Gardena Spring Trophy6
22nd Triglav Trophy6
Challenge Cup 201310
Bavarian Open 201319
Italian championships 20133
Warsaw Cup 201212
13th Crystal Skate6
22nd Gardena Spring Trophy4
21st Triglav Trophy4
World Junior Championship 201220
Bavarian Open 20128
NRW Trophy 20113
12th Crystal Skate10
Cup of Nice 20114
JGP Trofeo Walter Lombardi 20118
JGP Innsbruck 20117
NRW Trophy 201011
JGP Czech Skate 201010
JGP John Curry Memorial 201017
19th Triglav Trophy10
NRW Trophy 20098
12th Merano Cup7
JGP Merano 200828
Warsaw Cup 20075
10th Merano Cup2
JGP Croatia Cup 200722
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Record Breaker
Jul 8, 2022
Maurizio! It was close but he fought to keep his mistakes as small as possible.
All clean in the protocols, "only" 3 negative GOE.

only one pic in the gallery to celebrate the Q, but a beautiful one!