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Men's Fan Fest Index


Wicked Yankee Girl
Jul 26, 2003
Please check this list of existing threads before starting a new thread for a man. To have a fan fest, skaters must be at least 13 years old.

Max Aaron - retired Apr. 2018​
Jeremy Abbott - retired June 2017​
Florent Amodio - retired Jan. 2016​
Harrison Bain -New Zealand - retired Sept. 2020​
Elladj Baldé - retired May 2018​
Chafik Besseghier - has not competed since 2018-19​
Brian Boitano - retired after 1987-88 season​
Michal Březina - retired 2022​
Alexei Bychenko - retired 2022​
Phillipe Candeloro - retired Feb. 1998​
Patrick Chan - retired Apr. 2018​
Toller Cranston - retired Apr. 1972​
Timothy Dolensky - retired Apr. 2019​
Richard Dornbush - retired Feb. 2016​
Igor Efimchuk - has not competed since 2017-28​
Joshua Farris - retired after 2017-18​
Javier Fernández - retired Jan. 2019​
Liam Firus - retired May 2018​
Artur Gachinski - retired Dec. 2015​
Misha Ge - retired March 2018​
Scott Hamilton - retired after 1983-84​
Yuzuru Hanyu - retired July 2022​
Jorik Hendrickx - retired Aug. 2019​
Ryuju Hino - retired Dec. 2020​
Grant Hochstein - retired Aug. 2018​
Kyrill Iakolev - has not competed since 2018-19​
Alexander Johnson - retired after 2018-19​
Brian Joubert - retired Feb. 2014​
Sei Kawahara - has not competed since 2018​
Jin Seo Kim - has not competed since 2018​
Maxim Kovtun - retired Apr. 2019​
Takahiko Kozuka - retired Mar. 2016​
Alexei Krasnozhon - retired May 2021​
Georgy Kunitsa - a pair skater, as of 2021-22​
Stéphane Lambiel - retired 9 March 2010​
Andrei Lazukin - did not compete in 2020-21​
Peter Liebers - retired Jan. 2018​
Tatsuki Machida - retired Dec. 2014​
Alexander Majorov - retired Mar. 2019​

Denis Margarlik - retired Jul. 2016​
Michael Christian Martinez - has not competed since 2018, but plans to compete 2021-22​
Konstantin Menshov - retired Jun. 2016​
Ross Miner - retired after 2017-18​
Felipe Montoya - has not competed since 2018​
Takahito Mura - Mar. 2018​
Daisuke Murakami - retired June 2018​
Nicolas Nadeau - switched to pairs​
Nam Nguyen - retired 2022​
Nobunari Oda - retired Dec. 2013​
Sondre Odvoll-Bøe - retired March 2021​
Brian Orser - retired after 1987- 1988​
Ivan Pavlov - retired Jan. 2021​
Joseph Phan - retired 2022​
Adian Pitkeev - retired Jun. 2017​
Evgeni Plushenko - retired Mar. 2017​
Sean Rabbitt - retired Nov. 2020​
Javier Raya - has not competed since 2019​
Kevin Reynolds - retired Dec. 2018​
Ivan Righini (Bariev) - retired​
Adam Rippon - retired Nov. 2018​
Vladimir Samoilov - competed for Russia through 2019-20. Plans to compete for Poland in future.​
Hiroaki Sato - retired Dec. 2019​
Ilia Skirda - has not competed since 2019; attempting ice dance 2020​
Daisuke Takahashi - retired Oct. 2014 from singles (currently competes in ice dance)​
Keiji Tanaka - retired 2022​
Denis Ten - died Jul. 2018​
Adrien Tesson - retired 2022​
Sergei Voronov - retired Sep. 2020​
Rohene Ward - retired after 2007-08.​
Johnny Weir - retired Feb. 2014​
Alexei Yagudin - retired 2003​
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el henry

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Mar 3, 2014
Am I reading correctly that there is no Andrew Torgashev fan fest?

I could correct this egregious error, ;) but I do not have time to link every one of Andrew's (marvelous) skates over the years. Would a placeholder suffice?


Wicked Yankee Girl
Jul 26, 2003
yes we have no Torgashev fan fest. A placeholder is much better than no fan fest at all. Go for it!

el henry

Go have some cake. And come back with jollity.
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Mar 3, 2014
How do I put a child up for adoption?:biggrin:;)

Romain Ponsart deserves more attention than I am able to give him, and I will never be able to update that OP. If someone wants to take over, I relinquish my parental rights:)

ice coverage

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Feb 27, 2012
Along the same lines:

I would like to hand off the thread for Jordan Moeller :luv17: :ghug: to someone else, please.​

Rina RUS

Final Flight
Jul 27, 2016

As far as I understand, one who would like to add more info to the first post in a fan thread, can become the owner of the first post, is it right? (I remember I read it somewhere here)

Yagudin's thread was started in 2013, I joined the forum only in 2016, so I'm not sure, that the first post can be given to me.
If it is impossible for me, may I send the text for the first post, please?

Thank you in advance.


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Nov 12, 2013
I think you can only 'get custody' of a fanfest if the orginal user has been banned, or if they're the GS staff with a lot of threads to manage, but even then I think you'd need their permission. Otherwise you just PM the content you want added to a mod.


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Nov 30, 2016
The link to Matteo Rizzo's fan fest is broken.

ETA: actually, his fan fest appears to be missing.