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Miriam Ziegler & Severin Kiefer


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Feb 2, 2019
I debated with myself whether to share Miriam and Severin's SP performance from Austrian Nationals 2022 here, because it pretty much was the definition of a nightmare skate with zero landed jumps and a botched lift (nothing scary). But then again, it will be their last Nationals and it was still a beautiful and emotional skate, so here it goes:



Jan 17, 2014
reposting from Team Austria thread:
Interview with Miriam Ziegler on lokal TV yesterday (in German), not geo-blocked:

It's her last season, 3 highlights ahead: EC, WC and OG
Asked, about early announcement of retirement: I'm a person who needs things to be planned ahead. Needs to know, where things are going. She knows there will be a time after skating. She always tried to enjoy the moment, even the hard/difficult ones.
Goal for OG: To reach final and show FS. She already has 3 Olys under her belt, she never had the opportunity to show FS.
Preparation for this season not as planned becaus of injuries. Miriam is opitmistic, that from now on there will be no hickups or injuries, and that they'll be able to train on a regular basis, and therefore skate to their full potential.

I'm rooting for her and Severin to show their full potential, make the FS at Olys, good plaments at Euros and Worlds
I hope, I got all the important points. Feel free to add or correct. :)