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Feb 22, 2014
Nikita Sarnovskiy (Russian: Никита Валерьевич Сарновский) is a Russian figure skater born 25th January 2008 in Moscow. He's the younger brother of Kirill Sarnovskiy - although he's taller than his big brother :)

He trains with the Angels of Plushenko and is coached by Evgeny Plushenko and Dmitry Artem Znachkov.

Prior to 2019, he trained with Sergei Davydov.

Well I'm judging myself for not having made a fanfest for Nikita before! Tsk!

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Nikita had awesome 2022/2023 season coming 4th at the 2023 Russian Junior Championships and was named on the Junior Men's Team for this season.

2023/2024 Season - SP - Music: Animal by Chase Holfelder - FS - Music: Once Upon a Time in America Soundtrack

2022/2023 Season
SP - Music: Sound of Silence by Disturbed

FS - Music:

Full disclosure, I didn't really notice Nikita all that much before last season, except to note he was much taller than Kirill, however as said last season he learnt and succeeded in jumping a lot of quads and became much more secure in his skating. Apart from coming 4th at Junior Nats, he also won silver at the Russian Junior Grand Prix Final.

Competitive History

Season 2022-2023Scoreplace
All-Russian final competitions "Federation Cup"252.322 (Junior)
Russian Championship 2023240.544 (Junior)
Russian Jumping Championship 2022-1 (COM)
Russian Jumping Championship 2022-10
Federation Cup - VS "Idel-2022" in memory of ZTR G.S. Tarasova"248.412 (Junior)
Federation Cup – VS “Golden Skate of Moscow”224.955 (Junior)
1st Stage of the Nizhny Novgorod Region Cup 2022209.872 (Junior)
Moscow Open Championship 2022208.668 (Junior)
Season 2021-2022Scoreplace
Sunday in memory of V.S.Chernomyrdin 2022211.512
Competitions for the prizes of the President of the FFKKM 2022212.234
Sun “South Breeze” 2022181.671 (Junior)
All-Russian competition in memory of the OC S. Grinkov 2022217.531 (Junior)
All-Russian competition in memory of I.S.Rusakov 2022202.312 (Junior)
Moscow Championship (senior) 2022186.1811 (Junior)
Moscow Cup 2022171.626 (Junior)
Moscow City Championship 2021194.245 (Junior)
VS "Federation Cup" Stage 5193.878 (Junior)
VS "Federation Cup" Stage 4185.3510 (Junior)
Moscow Open Championship 2021170.2113 (Junior)
Season 2020-2021Scoreplace
All-Russian competitions in memory of V.L. Serebrovsky 2021191.201 (Junior)
Sunday in memory of V.S.Chernomyrdin 2021207.692 (Junior)
Moscow Championship (senior) 2021195.588 (Senior)
Moscow Championship (jr.vz) 2021213.457 (Junior)
Moscow City Championship 2020195.824 (KM)
All-Russian competition "Zhiguli" 2020165.858 (KMS)
1 Stage of the Cup of the City of Moscow 2020182.265 (KMS)
Memorial to N.A. Panina 2020179.5513 (KMS)
Moscow Open Championship 2020169.4518 (KMS)
Season 2019-2020Scoreplace
Russian Championship (Jr.vz) 2020246.155 (st.vz)
Moscow Championship (senior) 2020190.4410 (KMS)
Moscow Championship (jr.vz) 2020225.164 (st.vz)
Moscow Cup 2020171.866 (KMS)
S. Volkov Memorial 2019176.99 3 (st.vz)
Competition for the prizes of ZTR V.N. Kudryavtsev147.743 (1 sp)
Championship of GBU S / K "Megasport" of the Moscow Sports Committee "Autumn Championship"162.161 (1 sp)
Youth competition "Autumn meetings"146.801 (1 sp)
Season 2018-2019Scoreplace
S. Volkov Memorial 2018105.3712 (2 sp)
Season 2017-2018Scoreplace
Russian Championship (junior) 2018172.554 (ml.vz)
Moscow Championship (junior) 2018161.754 (ml.vz)