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Send Baba Wawa to Scottish Brogue School!

John King

Final Flight
Jul 26, 2003
With the popularity of the series Ugly Betty, it's only a matter of time that actress America Ferrera get's invited back to be a guest on The View. As I checked on Youtube, her last two appearances were where Barbara Walters was away. And I can only wonder what kind of butchered pronunciation Baba Wawa would do with her name. I say let's send Miss Walters to Scottish Brogue Pronunciation School!

Here's a few little vocal exercises that I believe are part of their classes:

"America Ferrera is wearing a tiara"

"Sara Ramirez is very very glamerous"

I await your feedback.


Ice Is Slippery - Alexie Yagudin
Record Breaker
Jul 28, 2003
John, have you been drinking??? :laugh: :laugh:



Final Flight
Feb 17, 2006
Why would anyone with a Scottish burr want to change anything? I could listen to it all day! When I was there two years ago, I was half in love with the tour bus driver because he would help all the ladies off the bus and say, "Ah, there ya go, pet!" :love: I also heard a handsome young Scot describe a girl as "a stout lass"-- and he meant it as a compliment!!! :p :clap: Hooray for Scotland!!!