Viktoria Vasilieva


Jan 18, 2017
Good job from Victoria two back to back nice competitions. Now she waits... it will be a big accomplishment if she makes it to JGPF.


On the Ice
Nov 11, 2019
Loved her skate today! The Tron/Fifth Element soundtrack is so energetic, and she really attacks that step sequence. Was she the only one to get a level 4 for it? At any rate, she made it fun to watch. Good luck to her in the FP tomorrow!


Final Flight
Dec 5, 2018
Great to see Vika back in action. It was such a shame she had to take a break, after her impressively and quietly successful season last year.

It will be interesting to see how she handles the transition. We can watch her on 10th and 11th,


Record Breaker
Jan 5, 2019
Have she and Volodin already competed?


Final Flight
Oct 9, 2015
They competed on the 4th stage of the russian cup this week and did farly well all things considered. There where certenly areas that still need work and you can tell she is uncomfterable with some of the pairs elements. But the jumps look great skating looks overall great (despite some awkward moments when they seem to be searching for eachother). Lifts and twist look surprisingly good enen if the entries and exits are a bit cautious.
The pair spin in the free was one example of where more work is deffenetly needed. It was quite painful to watch actually. I also think throw jumps are a bit of a struggle for her since she seems like she doesnt quite know how to check a jump with so much extra air compared to her normal ones.



On the Ice
Nov 29, 2019
Rumor has it that Vasilieva/Volodin have split and she is coming back to singles. It would be a shame as I think that she is great in pairs and there is clearly an issue if they are to split so soon. It is being discussed in the Russian pairs forum, though I hope it is just a rumor and isn't true.