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You Know You're a Figure Skating Fan When...


You Know I'm a FS Fan...
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Jan 10, 2014
With some of the off-season drama we had recently, let's have a light-hearted discussion, shall we :biggrin::

You know you're a figure skating fan when... stay up in the middle of the night to watch a competition that is taking place on the other side of the world, even though you have work or even an important exam the morning. replay your favourite performance after the competition, many, many times. After your third re-watch, you start seeking out the performance with other network commentaries (CBC, B.ESP, NBC, Матч, TDP, etc.). After your eighth re-watch, in which you probably have memorized the performance frame by frame and also the audience and the coach's reaction to particular elements, you proceed to find the skater's/skaters' performance of the program in other competitions during the season to see the improvements and/or differences ;).


Nov 14, 2016
You get very excited when you see figure skating on local tv, and then inevitably disappointed because they're only showing the last 1-2 groups.
You often turn to Google translate only for translating foreign figure skating articles :biggrin:
Listening to music and imagining what kind of program could go with it.
Also, on the flip side, waking up very early just to catch a competition stream.
Sometimes replaying your favorite programs/moments in your head while waiting in line:)
Being the biggest star in your family/friend group when OWG season comes along:laugh:


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Feb 13, 2014
You know you're a figure skating fan when you freak out when you hear Feeling Good, POTO, or any other warhorse being played.


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Jul 9, 2014
You know you're a figure skating fan when you start doing programs in front of strangers when you here the music on the radio. I busted out Joshua's "Give Me Love" at Six Flags...I couldn't help myself. Gawd forbid I ever hear "Otonol" in public. I will break out in Maria Butyrskaya's LP from 1999 which I still know by heart.....:rock:

The worst...When you're watching football and a skating commercial comes on......I'm like.. "Nice Salchow Nathan" It's embarrassing..


Jan 19, 2018
... your Mom is a fan when sie teaches you the most difficult namens of skaters while you‘re just learning to talk.


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Mar 11, 2016
When you download some figure skating videos in your phone and watch them sometimes.

When you want to teach your friends some basics about figure skating.


On the Ice
May 4, 2017
...when you learn foreign language from listening to commentators. I love learned a little Russian, and I can read many words! fantasize about doing crazy jump combos. I on my dreams I do a perfect triple axel-triple loop combo. I win the fantasy comp, of course!


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Apr 24, 2017
...when you watch hour long tv materials in completely incomprehensible laguage, just to see Marin Honda talking, skating and smiling. :love::laugh:


Mar 25, 2010
When you hear a piece of music (from the radio, on in the mall etc), you figured out who skated to this music before you figured out the title and performer of the song/music


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Jun 2, 2014
---you buy tickets to overseas competitions hoping (and praying) :pray: your favorites will be competing.

---the competition finishes and you're such a nervous wreck you feel like you skated yourself! :slink:

---friends call or e-mail you to find out what you thought of a particular skater's performance.

---you're counting the days 'til GP assignments are given.

---you've watched Jason's Riverdance 100 times and swear you won't watch it again (fat chance! :laugh:)

***Thank you Bill Neal for the fun thread!***