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Yuzuru Hanyu: 2014-15 Season

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Jan 11, 2008
Yuzuru Hanyu (Kana: はにゅ うゆづる; Kanji: 羽生 結弦) is a Men’s Singles skater who represents Japan. He was born on December 7, 1994 in Sendai, Miyagi Prefecture, Japan. He announced his retirement in July 2022 and currently does shows.

He boasts an impressive list of achievements in the world of figure skating, including two Olympic gold medals (in 2014 and 2018), two World championship titles (in 2014 and 2017), and an incredible four Grand Prix Final championships (from 2013 to 2016). Additionally, he clinched the title of Four Continents champion in 2020, World Junior champion in 2010, and Junior Grand Prix Final champion in 2009-10. Hanyu's dominance extends to the Japanese national stage, where he has secured the title of Japanese national champion six times, spanning from 2012 to 2015 and again in 2020 and 2021.

His remarkable consistency is further highlighted by his numerous podium finishes at World Championships. He achieved the bronze medal in 2012 and 2021 and secured the silver medal in 2015, 2016, and 2019.

Biographical Info

ISU Bio:


Rink Results Bio:


SP: Introduction and Rondo Capriccioso by Camille Saint-Saëns | Choreo. by Jeffrey Buttle and Shae-Lynn Bourne
FS: Heaven and Earth (from the NHK taiga series) | Choreo. by Shae-Lynn Bourne

SP: "Let Me Entertain You" by Robbie Williams | Choreo. by Jeffrey Buttle
FS: Heaven and Earth (from the NHK taiga series) | Choreo. by Shae-Lynn Bourne

SP: "Otoñal" by Raul di Blasio | Choreo. by Jeffrey Buttle
FS: Origin Composed by Edvin Marton | Choreo. by Shae-Lynn Bourne

SP: "Otoñal" by Raul di Blasio | Choreo. by Jeffrey Buttle
FS: Origin Composed by Edvin Marton | Choreo. by Shae-Lynn Bourne
EXH: "Haru yo, koi [ja]" by Yumi Matsutoya | Choreo. by David Wilson

SP: "Ballade No. 1 in G minor" by Chopin | Choreo. by Jeffrey Buttle
FS: Seimei from Onmyōji, Onmyōji II | Choreo. by Shae-Lynn Bourne
EXH: "Notte Stellata (The Swan)" by Camille Saint-Saëns | Choreo by David Wilson

SP: "Let's Go Crazy" by Prince | Choreo. by Jeffrey Buttle
FS: Hope and Legacy by Joe Hisaishi | Choreo. by Shae-Lynn Bourne
EXH: "Notte Stellata (The Swan)" by Camille Saint-Saëns | Choreo by David Wilson

SP: "Ballade No. 1 in G minor" by Chopin | Choreo. by Jeffrey Buttle
FS: Seimei from Onmyōji, Onmyōji II | Choreo. by Shae-Lynn Bourne
EXH: "Requiem of Heaven and Earth" perf. by Yasunobu Matsuo | Choreo. by Kenji Miyamoto

SP: "Ballade No. 1 in G minor" by Chopin | Choreo. by Jeffrey Buttle
FS: The Phantom of the Opera by Andrew Lloyd Webber | Choreo. by Shae-Lynn Bourne
"Hana wa saku [ja]" by Yoko Kanno | Choreo. by Nanami Abe
"The Final Time Traveler" by Hideki Sakamoto | Choreo. by Kenji Miyamoto

SP: "Parisienne Walkways" by Gary Moore and "Hoochie Coochie Man" by Jeff Healey Band | Choreo. by Jeffrey Buttle
FS: Romeo and Juliet | Choreo. by David Wilson
EXH: "Story" by Ai | Choreo. by Kenji Miyamoto

SP: "Parisienne Walkways" by Gary Moore and "Hoochie Coochie Man" by Jeff Healey Band | Choreo. by Jeffrey Buttle
FS: Notre-Dame de Paris by Riccardo Cocciante | Choreo. by David Wilson
EXH Routines:
"Hello, I Love You" by The Doors | Choreo. by Kurt Browning
"Hana ni nare" by Fumiya Sashida | Choreo. by Kenji Miyamoto

SP: "Étude in D-sharp minor" by Alexander Scriabin | Choreo. by Nanami Abe, Natalia Bestemianova, Igor Bobrin
FS: Romeo + Juliet by Craig Armstrong | Choreo. by Nanami Abe, Natalia Bestemianova, Igor Bobrin
EXH" "Somebody to Love" performed by Justin Bieber | Choreo. by Nanami Abe

SP: "White Legend" based on Swan Lake by Tchaikovsky | Choreo. by Nanami Abe
FS: Zigeunerweisen by Pablo de Sarasate | Choreo. by Nanami Abe
EXH: "Vertigo" performed by U2 | Choreo. by Nanami Abe

SP: Mission: Impossible 2 by Hans Zimmer | Choreo. by Nanami Abe
FS: Rhapsody on a Theme of Paganini by Rachmaninov | Choreo. by Nanami Abe
EXH: "Change" performed by Monkey Majik, Yoshida Brothers | Choreo. by Nanami Abe

2021-2022 Season
February 4-18, 20222022 Olympics8 (95.15)3 (188.06)4 (283.21)
2020-21 Season
March 22-28, 20212021 World Championships1 (106.98)4 (182.20)3 (289.18)
December 23–27, 20202020-21 Japan Championships1 (103.53)1 (215.83)1 (319.36)
2019-20 Season
February 4–9, 20202020 Four Continents1 (111.82)1 (187.60)1 (299.42)
December 18-22, 20192019–20 Japan Championships1 (110.72)3 (172.05)2 (282.77)
December 5–8, 20192019–20 Grand Prix Final2 (97.43)2 (194.00)2 (291.43)
November 22–24, 20192019 NHK Trophy1 (109.34)1 (195.71)1 (305.05)
October 25-27, 20192019 Skate Canada International1 (109.60)1 (212.99)1 (322.59)
September 12-14, 20192019 CS Autumn Classic International1 (98.38)1 (180.67)1 (279.05)
2018-19 Season
March 18-24, 20192019 World Championships3 (94.87)2 (206.10)2 (300.97)
November 16–18, 20182018 Rostelecom Cup1 (110.53)1 (167.89)1 (278.42)
November 2–4, 20182018 Grand Prix of Helsinki1 (106.69)1 (190.43)1 (297.12)
September 20–22, 20182018 Autumn Classic International1 (97.74)2 (165.91)1 (263.65)
2017-18 Season
February 16–17, 20182018 Winter Olympics1 (111.68)2 (206.17)1 (317.85)
October 20–22, 20172017 Rostelecom Cup2 (94.85)1 (195.92)2 (290.77)
September 20–23, 20172017 Autumn Classic International1 (112.72)5 (155.52)2 (268.24)
2016-17 Season
April 20–23, 20172017 World Team Trophy7 (83.51)1 (200.49)Team 1st
3 (284.00)
March 29 – April 2, 20172017 World Championships5 (98.39)1 (223.20)1 (321.59)
February 14–19, 20172017 Four Continents Championships3 (97.04)1 (206.67)2 )303.71
December 7–11, 20162016–17 Grand Prix Final1 (106.53)3 (187.37)1 (293.90)
November 25–27, 20162016 NHK Trophy1 (103.89)1 (197.58)1 (301.47)
October 28–30, 20162016 Skate Canada International4 (79.65)1 (183.41)2 (263.06)
Sept. 29 – Oct. 1, 20162016 Autumn Classic International1 (88.30)1 (172.27)1 (260.57)
2015-16 Season
March 28 – April 3, 20162016 World Championships1 (110.56)2 (184.61)2 (295.17)
December 24–27, 20152015–16 Japan Championships1 (102.63)1 (183.73)1 (286.36)
December 10–13, 20152015–16 Grand Prix Final1 (110.95)1 (219.48)1 (330.43)
November 27–29, 20152015 NHK Trophy1 (106.33)1 (216.07)1 (322.40)
Oct. 30 – Nov. 1, 20152015 Skate Canada International6 (73.25)2 (186.29)2 (259.54)
October 13–15, 20152015 Autumn Classic International1 (93.14)1 (184.05)1 (277.19)
2014-15 Season
April 16–19, 20152015 World Team Trophy1 (96.27)1 (192.31)Team 3rd
1 (288.58)
March 23–29, 20152015 World Championships1 (95.20)3 (175.88)2 (271.08)
December 26–28, 20142014–15 Japan Championships1 (94.36)1 (192.50)1 (286.86)
December 11–14, 20142014–15 Grand Prix Final1 (94.08)1 (194.08)1 (288.16)
November 28–30, 20142014 NHK Trophy5 (78.01)3 (151.79)4 (229.80)
November 7–9, 20142014 Cup of China2 (82.95)2 (154.60)2 (237.55)
2013-14 Season
March 24–30, 20142014 World Championships3 (91.24)1 (191.35)1 (282.59)
February 13–14, 20142014 Winter Olympics1 (101.45)1 (178.64)1 (280.09)
February 6–9, 20142014 Winter Olympics (team event)1 (97.98)Team 5th
December 20–23, 20132013–14 Japan Championships1 (103.10)1 (194.70)1 (297.80)
December 5–8, 20132013–14 Grand Prix Final1 (99.84)1 (193.41)1 (293.25)
November 15–17, 20132013 Trophée Éric Bompard2 (95.37)2 (168.22)2 (263.59
October 25–27, 20132013 Skate Canada International3 (80.40)2 (154.40)2 (234.80)
October 4–6, 20132013 Finlandia Trophy1 (84.66)1 (180.93)1 (265.59)
2012-13 Season
March 10–17, 20132013 World Championships9 (75.94)3 )169.054 (244.99)
February 8–11, 20132013 Four Continents Championships1 (87.65)3 (158.73)2 (246.38)
December 20–24, 20122012–13 Japan Championships1 (97.68)2187.551 (285.23)
December 6–9, 20122012–13 Grand Prix Final3 (87.17)2 (177.12)2 (264.29)
November 23–25, 20122012 NHK Trophy1 (95.32)1 (165.71)1 (261.03)
October 19–21, 20122012 Skate America1 (95.07)3 (148.67)2 (243.74)
October 4–7, 20122012 Finlandia Trophy2 (75.57)1 (172.56)1 (248.13)
2011-12 Season
March 26 – April 1, 20122012 World Championships7 (77.07)2 (173.99)3 (251.06)
December 22–26, 20112011–12 Japan Championships4 (74.32)1 (167.59)3 (241.91)
December 8–11, 20112011–12 Grand Prix Final4 (79.33)3 (166.49)4 (245.82)
November 25–27, 20112011 Rostelecom Cup2 (82.78)2 (158.88)1 (241.66)
November 4–6, 20112011 Cup of China2 (81.37)4 (145.16)4 (226.53)
October 14-16, 20112012 Tohaku-Hokkaido Block 1 Regional1 (88.06)1 (150.77)1 (238.83)
September 21–24, 20112011 Nebelhorn Trophy1 (75.26)1 (151.00)1 (226.26)
2010-11 Season
February 15–20, 20112011 Four Continents Championships3 (76.43)3 (151.58)2 (228.01)
December 24–27, 20102010–11 Japan Championships2 (78.94)4 (141.12)4 (220.06)
November 18–21, 20102010 Cup of Russia6 (70.24)6 (132.42)7 (202.66)
October 21–24, 20102010 NHK Trophy5 (69.31)4 (138.41)4 (207.72)
2009-10 Season
March 9-13, 20102010 World Junior Championships3 (68.75)1 (247.35)1 (216.10)
December 25-27, 20092010 Japanese National Championships3 (57.99)1 (137.23)6 (195.22)
December 2-6, 20092010 Junior Grand Prix Final3 (69.85)1 (136.92)1 (206.77)
November 22–23, 20092009–10 Japan Junior Championships1 (76.00)2 (118.15)1 (194.15)
October 7-10, 20092009 JGP Croatia Cup1 (70.78)1 (130.37)1 (201.15)
September 9-12, 20092009 JGP Torun Cup1 (66.77)1 (131.88)1 (198.65)
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Feb 17, 2014
I collected the latest TOI updates from the regular thread (p.465-467) for those who can't keep up :) thanks to everyone who posted links

Good luck to all the boys tonight!
Johnny's instagram

As usual, please read this tweet summary portal at TOI (6/13) before we find any video uploaded.

There are some tweets interesting to share:
* Plushenko presents to send a bouquet to Yuzu in end of first half show. (news release)
* Yuzu today perform in five numbers including group ones. (Not sure all numbers exactly)
* Before their performance, every skater leaves a message to Yuzu to congratulate his Olympic win.
* Ms Nanami couple attend the show to witness Yuzu's glory.

New clips, some news form the television I suppose. With some sneak of Yuzuru's performance: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-phXJ5dYxJA&feature=youtu.be

Here is some cut: http://instagram.com/p/pL7CVNJlx6/
And here: http://instagram.com/p/pL5SobgFoX/
Just a Quick review of TOI on 13th, Friday.
Sorry for my spelling & Grammatical mistakes.
It's 23:30 hire, and I have to wake up at 4:00 tomorrow for making lunch-box for my son who has to leave at 5:00.

Part 1
1. Opening: All the skaters except Plushy
2. Yamato Tamura
3. Music performance by Rake.
4. Takeshi Honda with Rake
5. Johnny, Bolywood. The queen of the night, who got the first standing ovation.
6. Javi, Black Berry? That was a cool program
7. Music performance by Panda-Lion
8. Verner with Panda-Lion. He was sooooo good, with so many jumps!
9. Yuzuru, White Legend. Simply Beautiful.
10. Flower Ceremony from Plushy to Yuzuru. He loooked very happy

There were monitors on ceiling, which showed video message from guest skaters to Yuzuru, before each skaters’ performance.

To be continued....

Quick review of TOI on 13th, Friday.

Part 2
1. Girls from Sendai’s local skate club, Let It Go.
2. Music performance by BREATHE
3. Javi with BREATHE. He looked little nervous, as he said in the video message “It is the first time to perform with live music.
4. Johnny, Schindler’s list. He was wearing simple black out fit and black shoes with red soles.
5. Honda, Talking to the Moon. Excellent performance by my emotional favorite skater, who are from Fukushima, and so am I
6. Verner, New York New York. Excellent Veteran skates know how to use the link, very well.
7. Plushy. He was on! It was Plushenko. People were so excited and he looked happy.
8. Music performance by Monkey Magic.
9. Yuzuru, Change. It was very exciting performance, even with a fall at steps. He said it’s a killer program, which requires so much stamina to perform.
10. Yuzuru’s speech. He looked more than happy.
11. All skaters with Panda-Lion’s music, no Plushy
12. Emerging of Emperor of Russia! He did triple jump with Yuzuru, side by side.
13. Farewell with Monkey Magic’s music.

That’s all I saw.
I wonder how ladies in SS seats were able to maintain their sanity during the show, because they were so close to the skaters, all of them were good looking men who, especially veterans were very good at appealing to the audiences. (Unfortunately my seat was far enough to maintain it.)

Good Night.

Hi! I can only translate Plushy's words from the news video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-phXJ5dYxJA&feature=youtu.be. He says: "First of all, I'm happy that I've been invited by Yuzuru to skate with him at all the shows (he meant those in Sendai, I think. I have no idea if there are other shows planned together with Yuzuru). I hope people will like the program (I'm going to skate). I'd say it again- it's my favorite program." That's all he says.


Record Breaker
Feb 17, 2014
me again with the latest update collection for all the latecomers ;) (p.468-471)

Okay just forget all the weekly talk about Yuzuru's choreography and his jumps. Let smile because it's off-seasons and all the exciting ice shows that most of us couldn't see, here is Plushy and Mushy in the latest photo:

plushy and mushy screenshot

(im liking the new nickname very much)

photoMs Nanami & Yuzu's gifs

Ms Nanami Choreographed the group number of TOI and refined the Change 2.0 as well. She and the skating girls of Yuzu's high school of Sendai were taken a photo together. Can you find her and other three girls who were guarded around Yuzu in his parade last April?


Besides, find some gifs of Yuzu's performance in last night show.
* say hello to audience with outside spread eagle
* in group number
* Biellmann spin
* ending pose with mushroom hairstyle

Plus...some photos from BREATHE, one of bands last night.
Javie skated with BREATHE's live song "So High"!

New pair team LIVE!
Jenya and Yuzuru. "Тоgeter on ice 2014" final

Bringing the link echotpe posted yesterday with today show sumary


Looks like one of the members of PL hos become good friends with Thomas

One of touching photo of the shows in past two days. Yuzu's words in this photo is the initial thinking of TOI: "I take the gold medal home!"

At the end of night show today, all skaters wore the T-shirt of TOI with all men signed. And they took a group photo with PW's "ㄟ" pose.

oh my, how adorable is that
(someone's really happy here )

So, here's my translation of Hanyu-kun's interview in the FOI in Makuhari pamphlet!
http://nicky-10.livejournal.com/4993.html (I put it on my LJ... that I actually use for another fandom, so just ignore the other posts!)



Record Breaker
Feb 17, 2014
updates p.471-488

my tumblr is totally exploding, anybody else feel the same?

Change fall
Change gifs
more Change gifs
Change then and now (just awesome)
Change then and now, again

Practice gifs
break time gif
gap gif
gasp gifs

PlushyMushy gif
(I honestly can't get over how happy he looks )

oh dear, and more fanboys this is so adorable

I created two more fanboy pics...




Added third one so that all links are in same place. Ps. I dont know original source of the little kid photos, i only put the combos together.

Ajinomoto seems to have a unique taste in Yuzu! See their graphic ads with various sportsmen/sportswomen. Yuzu's shot is so domineering.

Yuzu in Ajinomoto

Other sportsmen/sportswomen (pull to the lower bottom of screen )

TOI is on HNK Sprots News! Plushenko who vigorously praised Yuzu in public is no doubt a highlight!


Yuzu with his TOI girls, such big smiles all of them!

Plus... one of my favorite photos in TOI clip. As a protagonist of the show, Yuzu turned to a bystander.

Another picture from ToI from the girls http://instagram.com/p/pQ9Zupq9t6/

All the people from the show together (sorry if it was already posted) https://twitter.com/26cocoa26/status/478295508247535616/photo/1

Oneof the guys of the Monke Malij with Plushenko https://twitter.com/shimicollins/status/477822492732436480/photo/1

New Video about TOI:
News program Every with some new contents
Plushy you were crazy... 5 olympic games... I am not sure I still want your prediction now...

newsanother TOI news report in EVERY today!


Well, the highlight is Plushy encouraged Yuzu to attend FIVE Olympics and get gold medals, as he had experienced four Olympics.

ps. It's good to watch some clips of Change without interference of announcers.

Javi & Yuzu doing the alt side lunge and Johnny's signature move


newsYuzu will premiere new EX with song of “花は咲く” 6/25 aired by NHK Sendai


Skater: Hanyu Yuzuru
Singer: Sashida Fumiya
Composer: Kanno Yōko
Choreographer: Abe Nanami
Rink: Ice Rink Sendai (Yuzu’s home rink)

Japanese version produced by NHK
English version by Il Divo

In the press conference of Sochi finals, Yuzu said he would take the gold medal as a new start to devote into community with his skating. He really does what he ever said.

According to the article below, there will also be a program on NHK on July 12/16:30 that will introduce the process of the making of the new EX and Hanyu's thoughts toward the disaster stricken areas.

Here are some screen shots of a evening TV news one hour ago. I love tweets which makes us almost news-sync worldwide!

Yuzu with Nanami
mushroom haircut

see more in miwausa・らび account

* NHK will air an special program about the new ex production on July 12 4:30~4:53 pm.
* The composer, Kanno Yōko, re-arranges the song for this ex and Sashida Fumiya sings and plays paino live while video recording.
I found the video! Thanks to Godman3018.
Actually, I was working on it now! I'll post it here when I'm done

I bet someone with better skills will eventually translate this, but until then, if you want to know what was said in the program asap, here is my rough translation.

Narrator: Hanyu has been skating at this rink since he was 4 years old and he was practicing here when the earthquake struck. The rink was badly damaged and Hanyu thought that he would not be able to skate again. Hanyu overcame the disaster and continued to skate. He won the gold medal at Sochi Olympics this year with his strong performance. He has been thinking what he can do for his home town as a medalist,
Yuzuru: I've always felt, and I am still feeling, "what could I have done?" If I can do something for the disaster stricken areas, I wanted to do so proactively so this was a good opportunity for me to start.
Narrator: The program is choreographed by Nanami Abe who coached him at this rink. She has taken his feelings and incorporated them into the choreography.
Nanami: What images did you have when you heard the song?
Yuzuru: For the lyrics, looking back to the past, a little bit of the present, but mostly the future. In the end, being full of determination and steadily looking towards the future.
Nanami: Wonderful!
Narrator: The damaged flowers signify the sacrifices paid, the movements express carrying of the sorrow, and standing up strongly while looking towards the future.
By seeing and hearing this performance, I would like more people to remember that the earthquake did occur and great sacrifices were paid and from there, if they could think about "what can be done now", "what did we leave behind" and connect the past, the present, and the future, not only in relation to the disaster, but in view of our own lives.

The last part was difficult to translate. I hope it makes sense. I might edit it later if I can come up with something better.

Although the ceremony of JOC Sports Award had held several weeks ago, the official photos released today.

All honored sportsmen/women smiled this time. However, I found even JOC had a unique taste to choose shot of Yuzu, with his big smile rather than a dignified posture of others.

Besides, share a Yoko Kanno's playlist in youtube. There are 166 pieces of music she ever produced.

Yuzu meeting the mayor of Beppu city. Pooh is present there with him!!! And his mother.

videonews clip of today's visit to mayor of Beppu

Yuzu visited the mayor of Beppu today. He will attend the ice show of "Figure Skating Exhibition in Beppu" this weekend. It's seldom for figure skater to make such kind of visit to public officers, isn't it? He is really an ambassador of figure skating everywhere!

photoofficial visit to Beppu government

Talk to mayor & his mother was on left second of top, and Pooh!
The mayor sent him a mascot and some hot spring powers as gift!
Yuzu supports local junior skaters and hopes there will be a rink in Beppu in the future.
High-five with mascot of Beppu

Thanks for the links everybody.

My deed for the day.
It's his first time in Beppu and he definitely wants to go in a hot spring and wants to eat toriten.
Wow, he's showing interest in food. (Probably to be polite )

photoYuzu is on cover of Figure Skating Team Japan 2014 Memorial.

Pretty good shot this time! (I think the editor might changed the cover selection urgently as the TOI just was held last weekend. GJ!)

He has grown up a determined man beyond sports, especially in past four months after Sochi. Incredible!


Photographer Noto Sunao confirmed his three shots in TOI selected to replace the original photos of the Mook (Figure Skating Team Japan 2014 Memorial), including Yuzu's cover one.

newsBefore Figure Skating Exhibition of Beppu tomorrow, Yuzu and others skaters attended a half day skating class for children.

news video (not good quality but find only so far!)
photos collections


* Yuzu and Akkio visited head of Oita-ken.
 They urged to set up a skating camp base and rink to take advantage of Beppu's hot spring resources.
* Yuzu will skate in collaboration with female singer GILLE.

* Plushy as a teacher in children skating class.
 Another video from Yana.

Figure Skating Exhibition of Beppu Update!

Oita Beppu TV program for Skating Exhibition

Sorry if this has already been posted, but here is the preview of Together on Ice to be aired on June 23rd in Sendai.

And Dreams on Ice will be aired on Fuji TV on June 29th (30th, to be exact) in the Kanto region.

According to this fan report, during the skating class Yuzuru helped children to put on their skating boots and even ran to change ones cause they didn't fit the child.
He's truly very kind to children.

Haha, I'm glad Yuzuru didn't advice the girl something like "imagine yourself crushing into a wall", bless him.

This fan-art is too much, I can't: http://instagram.com/p/pfl2YzThkZ/
Chibi Yuzu with the bob skirt!

Yuzu successfully jumped 4Lo!!!

According to tweets, Yuzuru really likes Marin Honda. They were cute and hugged each other repeatedly. When he succeeded with his 4Lo, Marin, Javier, Tomash and Oda rushed to him and hugged him. It reminded the moment when the footballer scores a goal and everyone hugs him. Javier also raised his hand as of a champion. These two were sooo happy.
videoThe beauty of Yuzu's silhouette in practicing outfits.

A peaceful beauty in midnight. Another good talented fan work!

It seem like the auido of an interview between Yuzuru and Taro Hakase
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zgOrVWnm1sU And I don´t get a word of what if being said

Hi, I'm emerging from my lurking with two new videos which I don't think have been posted before:

another TOI backstage video
Beppu Exhibition news video

Thanks for the links everyone, I might be a lurker/parasite I guess but I am so thankful for them and appreciate them all

Edit: Also here is a compilation of video links.



Record Breaker
Feb 17, 2014
from p.489-492

By the way, update some news about Yuzu's new ex "花は咲く" as following:

* Promotion materials in Women Weekly.
* NHK will increase the broadcast of program by random instead of 24 time announced previously.

VideoSimply, thank you Yuzu!


At TOI, Monkey Majik (rock band) sang the last song "ただ、ありがとう (Simply, thank you)."

Find a fan made this wonderful video with the song. Most clips are high quality in this off-season; ceremonies, ice shows, interviews, press conference and etc. So many joyful shots makes me smile in midnight. Thank you, the shinning boy!

To disable Chinese messages on screen, you may click right 4th icon and pull inverted triangle to leftest.

The Hana wa saku video is uploaded already!
Thanks to Figure Skate

Another one from hana02014


Apr 9, 2014
Pamina, I'm not sure if anyone has thanked you yet! Because I check here occasionally, I cannot keep up with the other board at all, but it's really nice how you've organized things so nicely by pages! Thank you!

Also a link I visit often: https://twitter.com/HanyusPooh

I think the posts are funny :)


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Feb 17, 2014
From p.493-502

Anyway is having a mini tanabata celebration (the city does his big one in august if I´m not mistaking) and also holding an exhibition of Yuzuru´s pictures.

According to this interview, Yuzuru didn't choose this song. He was asked to skate to it, and he took the offer because it was a good opportunity to do something for the devastated areas of the earthquake/tsunami.

Yuzu patting Narumi TAKAHASHI's face. OK, I understand, Narumi does look like a little girl.


The three guys sitting around were all watching them. That man sitting next to Narumi was like "What's going on here? Yuzu, she is not a kid... Oh, the camera is shooting us."

ps. A collection of Yuzu with (little) girls
That famous girl at rink
help tie up hairs
Pull hair (Kanako)
Pull hair II
pat head (Julia)
teasing teammate
Do the same to pooh

Just for fun: a hilarious fan dance cover of Yuzu's 2012 fs off ice.
At first, I thought it was just a funny fan video, but it turns out to be pretty nice. The boy can jump.


This is a bit of self-promoting, but I drew a few more portraits/fanart of Yuzuru.

Enjoy! ^^;

According to various repo, Yuzu's new SP music is Chopin...

People say that it is Chopin Revolutionary Etude op 10 no 12.

Some people said it's Chopin Ballade no 1, not the etude: http://youtu.be/Ce8p0VcTbuA

More photos about Ballade!

It will be broadcasted on June 30 at 1:15 am JST and again on July 5 at 18:00 JST.

gifs post:


Yuzu talked to press that Chopin's music and putting a quad in second part are all his new trials in evolution. And the performance of new number today was just 10% in completion.



Record Breaker
Feb 17, 2014
p. 503-509

This are the shows that still in Yuzuru´s scheduale:
June 28~29 Dreams on Ice
July 5~6 Fantasy on Ice Toyama
July 12~13 Fantasy on Ice Niigata
July 18~21 Prince Ice World: Tokyo

Yeah!! The backstage story of Yuzu & Nanami & the singer (his friend - I forgot his name..) charity collaboration.


Big big bonus: you can hear him singing at -4:54!!!!

Actually, I could not hear clearly some part, but as far as I could get:

Yuzuru: (to Sashida) You look pretty cheerful (sorry I could not chatch correctly, this is totally my guess).
Sashida: Just pretending to be cheerful, it's morning, you know.
Y: I suppose you, the camera crew, did not notice, but it is very rare for eather of us to stay awake at this time of the day.
S: Yes, it's pretty early in the morning.
Y: Yes, very early.
S: Closely-attached coverage all day today?
Y: It seems.
(Maybe) Crew member: Can I stay close to you?
Y: Oh, it sounds like a confession, doesn't it? I was so surprised (laghs)
Don't you think, Sasshi? Sasshi, why don't you write a song of confession? (Again, I could not catch clearly)

I thought 密着 means 密着取材.

Forward and translate an interesting repo:

Yuzu fell 4T in today’s Ballade no 1, but other jumps were clean, not to mention the steps sequence were fascinated ever. At finale, when collaborating with Plusy in jump, he played a quad(4T). It’s not the end. He then played a very imposing quad(4S) alone.

The repo commented: It's hard for this guy to lose a little bit.

Yuzuru wrote down 臥薪嘗胆[ (Gashinshoutan) as his theme for 2014-2015 on the pamphlets sold at Beppu and DOI.
The word itself is a Chinese idiom and it means "going through thick and thin to attain one's objective; enduring unspeakable hardships for the sake of vengeance."

fancam video of his new SP (starts around 4min in)


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Feb 17, 2014
p. 510-515

Not sure if this video has been posted. So here it goes.

Yuzuru Hanyu & Kanako Murakami cute couple dance
@2012 worlds gala practice

http://www.nicovideo.jp/watch/sm17519392 (starting 2:39)

video Parisian Walkways in rotoscoping!

The fan artwork inspirited by Yuzu is continuing...

Rotoscoping is an animation technique in which animators trace over footage, frame by frame, for use in live-action and animated films.

Yes, the costume is fairy like. Though a bit feminine ( some fans are comparing it to this), I don't mind as long as it is what Yuzu is comfortable with.

Heehee it reminds me of the infamous skirt dance. -though the colors just happen to be opposite.
Hanyu is not afraid to cross dress in the name of performance. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SgJ6K1wpv9c

Oh, well, Yuzuru himself is called "Narushi" - Japanese slang for narcissist, by Kanako

About the personality of each. (9:17 - )


Kanako: I think he may be a bit showing off (laghs)

(Are you a bit showing off ?)

Yuzuru: Oh, I knew this coming. She says that. I knew it.

(Is that correct?)

Yuzuru: May be correct. I'm not going to deny it. Everytime we meet, she says to me "Narushi dayone (some nuance of I know you are a narushi)" I'm not so conscious about that though.

LOL, let me add Yuzu + Shoma pics



video羽生結弦~all yudz need is chase(2014world)

Sugar Autumn's latest wonderful MAD of Yuzu! As usual, high quality clips with great music, sometimes passionate and sometimes solemn and stirring.

The other two MAD recommended:
* 羽生結弦~run through SOCHI
* 羽生結弦~fly boy fly


Last night I was watching old videos and came across this short program of Jeff's - at around 2:25 he does the side lunge we know so well from PW! The original.
I had been looking for it since Jeff mentioned it in an interview.

isn't that the first time we see him land that 4Loop? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iVGUyhxFCc8


On the Ice
Mar 26, 2014
HANYŪ Yuzuru (Kana: はにゅ うゆづる; Kanji: 羽生 結弦) is a Men’s Singles skater who represents Japan. He was born on 7[SUP]th[/SUP] December 1994 in Sendai, Miyagi Prefecture, Japan.

Hanyū is the 2014 Olympic champion, a two-time World champion (2014, 2017), a four-time Grand Prix Final champion (2013–2016), a three-time Four Continents silver medallist (2011, 2013, 2017), the 2010 World Junior champion, the 2009–10 Junior Grand Prix Final champion, and a four-time Japanese national champion (2012–2015). He has also medalled at three other World Championships, taking bronze in 2012, and silver in 2015 and 2016.

Biographical Info

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Tracings Bio:


How Yuzuru Hanyu pronounces his name (video by sabinfire)

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Feb 16, 2014
But which one does he sleep with? Does he rotate them or does he have one particular favorite? Or does he sleep in the middle of the big pile of Pooh(s)?


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Feb 17, 2014
But which one does he sleep with? Does he rotate them or does he have one particular favorite? Or does he sleep in the middle of the big pile of Pooh(s)?
What? Are we really going to discuss about this now? :laugh:
What? :biggrin: this seems like a very serious topic.
Usually you tell kids that they shouldn't take anything from strangers and he does that all the time. Strangers are literally throwing stuff at him. What if the stuffing really is bad for his asthma? What if some crazy person laces the Pooh stuffing with sneezing powder just for fun and giggles? That can't be good for him.
And considering how tired he looked at the end of the DOI finale, maybe he really forgot his favorite Pooh and now he can't sleep. Also not good, the kid needs his sleep! How will he ever grow over those 171cm if he never sleeps?
But the idea of a Pooh pile also seems very reasonable to me. The whole scenario probably looks something like "The Princess and the Pea", only its "The Prince and the Pooh". I can totally see this going down every night: Close door. Run-up. Jump. Four revolutions. Woosh. Bellyflop on Pooh pile. Sleep tight.

alia jackson

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Feb 25, 2014
But the idea of a Pooh pile also seems very reasonable to me. The whole scenario probably looks something like "The Princess and the Pea", only its "The Prince and the Pooh". I can totally see this going down every night: Close door. Run-up. Jump. Four revolutions. Woosh. Bellyflop on Pooh pile. Sleep tight.

Totally need an animation for your scenario :yes: similar to this


Jun 19, 2013

I heard that the sea of Pooh was his hotel room in Fukuoka where GP Final 2013 was held.