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Thread: Pairs FS

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    Congrats, Totmianina/Marinin. First step on the road to Olympic gold, I hope.

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    Okay, T/M are completely overmarked. Their stroking always looks somewhat laboured and their lifts are not nearly as strong as virtually any of the other top competitors. I'm kind of at a loss as to why they are likely the frontrunners by a mile for the gold in Torino. There was little, if any expression to the music. A crashy twist. One thing I did appreciate was their obvious pairness...that is to say their unison and matching line.

    Pang/Tong: I was disappointed. This has always been my favourite of the Chinese teams as I find they have the most musicality, but I am not feeling their new LP. Good technical performance, but I thought they looked more grabby and raw than they have in the past. Their music does nothing for them and their costumes are hideous.

    Marcoux and Buntin: Wow, this was the best I've ever seen them, I think. Of the top three teams, this was my favourite LP.

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