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10 favourite performances from Worlds 2024


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Jul 29, 2003
Here are mine, what are yours?

1. Gilles/Poirier RD and FD (sublime)
2. Stellato-Dudeck/Deschamps SP and LP
3. Lajoie/Lagha RD and FD
4. Careira/Ponomarenko FD
5. The entire pairs SP
6. Adam Siao Him Fa LP
7. Roman Sadovsky SP (then my hopes were once again dashed in the LP, lol)
8. Shoma Uno SP
9. Lim/Quan FD
10. Kaori Sakamoto FS


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Final Flight
May 28, 2023
1. Kaori Sakamoto - long program
2. Kaori Sakamoto - short program (even with mistakes, her outstanding skill prevented mistakes for being much worse)
3. Loena Hendricks - long program (yes, even with mistakes, it was fun to watch)
4. Loena Hendricks - short program
5. Hana Yoshida - long program
6. Ilia Malinin - I love jumps and his are magnificent
7. Yuma Kagiyama - long program

8.9.10 - everyone else who participated and gave their best.


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Mar 7, 2015
1) Piper and Paul's Free Dance and RD
2) Shoma's Short program
3) Deanna and Maxime's Short program (the energy of this program was electric)
4)Adam's long program
5)LaLa's thriller RD and FD
6)Yuma's gala
7)Kaori's LP
8) Lopareva/ Brissaud RD
9) Jason Brown's SP
10) Les Suprêmes'a Gala


Mar 7, 2014
1) Jason Brown SP (made me crying)
2) Ilia Malinin FP (because it was historical)
3) Stellato-Dudek/ Deschamps SP (what an energy)
4) Guinard/ Fabbri RD (so precise and full of energy)
5) Gilles/ Poirier RD ((0s but not mainstream)
6) Hana Yoshida SP (an unsual try from a japanese lady)
7) Adam Siao Him FP (the medal was totally unexpected but well desrved)
8) Conti/ Macii SP (very emotianaland their best performance within a disappointing season)
9) Kaori Sakamoto FP and Loena Hendrixx SP
10) Nikolaj Memola SP (brilliant jumps and not the components he deserved)


Oct 31, 2014
Pairs: it was very competitive, high quality (especially SP) event
1) Best SP: Pavlova/Sviatchenko
2) Best LP: Riku/Ryuichi

Ladies: this was the most boring event
3) Best SP: Loena
4) Best LP: Kimmy Repond

Ice Dance: not my favorite discipline, but I really loved a lot of programs, especially RDs
5) Best RD: Guinard/ Fabbri
6) Best FD: Chock/Bates

Men: the most exciting event with Ilia's program being an exclamation point
7) Best SP: Shoma
8) Best FP: Ilia Malinin (that Quad axel was executed perfectly right in front of me, and that image tatooed in may brain)

9) Guinard/ Fabbri
10) Ilia


Jan 31, 2019
Only what I had seen live:

1. Malinin's FS nothing comes even close! Never saw anything like that, never will!
2. Uno's SP. For a second I thought we'll see him keep the title
3. Hase/Volodin's FS
4. Pavlova/Svyatchenko FS
5. Sakamoto's FS
6. Cha's SP
7. Selevko's SP
8. Gubanova's FS
9. The whole RD for ID
10. The whole FS for ID


Jun 26, 2012
I am glad you are asking for a top 10, not a top 5. Still difficult, but here goes (in random order):

Shoma's SP (so beautiful)
Deniss's FS
Jason's SP and FS
Adam's FS (particularly seeing such a good skate so early in the event).
Deanna and Maxime's SP
Minerva Fabienne and Nikita's SP and FS
Riku and Ryuichi's FS
Piper and Paul's FD
Madison and Evan's RD
Marjorie and Zachary's FD

Did I forget Ilia's FS? I did not, that was great. Just as I enjoyed watching Charlene and Marco, Loena's SP, Kaori, and others. Particularly in the Men's events (Both SP and FS), there was so much to enjoy! One of my favourite weekends!
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On the Ice
Feb 23, 2014
In no particular order:

1. Deniss's SP
2. Deniss's FS
3. Adam's FS
4. Ilia's FS
5. Shoma's SP
6. Jason's SP and FS
7. Riku/Ryuichi's FS
8. Kaori's FS
9. Yuma's FS
10. Deanna and Maxime's SP