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Thread: No more good tickets for Skate Canada 2008?

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    Question No more good tickets for Skate Canada 2008?

    On January the 9th, less than one month after the tickets were on sale, I got my tickets for Skate Canada 2008 in Quebec City (at the Coliseum)...

    I was very disappointed because all I could get were row Q, which is the 17th row... It's in lodge 9, which isn't too bad, because it's almost facing the judges, but 17th row! (I was told all the judges section was closed).
    I was asking for a pair of tickets at the end of a row, because of bad knees, but even without that particular demand, the only tickets they could offer me was in the 15th row... I couldn't understand that, so soon after the tickets were on sale, the best ticket offered was in 15th row! (and that was for all sections! even the worst!).
    When I insisted, the guy told me Skate Canada (the organization) had reserved a lot of the tickets for skaters, officials, friends and family members, and that most of the tickets weren't available, but weren't really sold to the public either. I hung up to discuss with the person going with me if we still wanted to go even with less good seats. When I called again and got another guy, he offered me the same seats and told me the same thing about Skate Canada reserving the best seats for their "friends". I was completely outraged!
    I obviously bought my tickets, but also wrote to Skate Canada to tell them what I tought. When you see so much empty seats at the Canadians in Halifax, you wonder how many of them are seats that fans weren't able to buy because they were supposedly already sold... It makes me mad!!!
    And because of that, the media is saying figure skating is not popular...

    I'd like to know if anyone else had the same problem, if anyone else got told the same thing, and if a lot of people were indeed able to get good tickets...
    Last times I went to competitions, I got better tickets, and did not buy them as soon after they went on sale... but could this time be so different and those guys would've told me tales? Could've so many people bought so many tickets so soon this time? I'd like to know...

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    I don't think that the practice of holding "prime" tickets for competitors, families, sponsors, even tour groups is unusual (unfortunately) in sports. I have had a similar experience numerous times as I have attempted to get good seats for a show or competition. Having said that, at Canadians in London a couple of years ago, I was on line as soon as they went on sale (all event packages) and did get good (third row) seats.

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