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Thread: EX Rehearsal Video

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    Thumbs up EX Rehearsal Video

    Hi This is my first posting.
    I just want to tell you there is a video of GPF EX rehearsal.

    Funny & cute.
    Yu-Na, Verner, Johnny...
    So adorable. Really.
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    Thank you for posting. We usually do not get to see the rehearsal for the Gala. Nice to see everyone so relaxed and having fun. Johnny is really quite funny and his little dance with Yuna was adorable and Tomas and Caro were having quite a bit of fun too.

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    Thank you! I've been looking for this clip!

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    Thanks for posting that great clip. And welcome to the forum!

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    So nice to see Johnny can make Yu Na laugh! They obviously click. Maybe we WILL see them do dance together some day. Thanks for posting.

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