Kozuka....love this guy! Loved him in 2007 when I saw him live at Skate America....love him more in 2009 watching him on television. Oda and Takahashi.....be scared be very scared!! LOL

Wagner....surprised....wow I like her. I hope she continues to do well.

Pairs....are all the Russian teams looking at old G&G tapes???
M/B - Really need to get it together wih the jumps.
K/S - Am I the only one that really doesn't like them?

Davis and White- I loved the original dance. Usually I hate this part and after last week of a million russian folk songs and country western music I was like...geez can I handle it again? But they did something original and I really liked it. I almost want to call them the best team in the world right now! But if I do someone will probably rip into me for saying that....so I won't! LOL

Men - whoever said that Plushenko did the same cookie cutter routine.....yeah I agree with that. I so do not enjoy his skating. If he wins the Olympic Gold I might scream really loud so that they will hear it in Vancouver.

Weir - I feel so bad for him. He just can't seem to get it together. What's the deal? I sure hope that he steps it up next time.

Mao - what the??? Seriously..I am going to call her Mao Asada Kostner because this is a melt down of epic proportions. OK not epic but still really crappy. Good bye Grand Prix final....goodbye olympic medal????

Loving the commentary on Universal Sports...thanks for brining Paul back and thanks for telling them to shut up and only talk a tiny bit. LOVE IT!!