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    Very impressed with B/L, they really delivered especially after their disappointing GPF performance. One issue I would have is her jumps, they are very low and out of sync with him. Can they do a second triple? Or would a 2A combination score than a 3/2 combination?
    No, she doesn't have a second triple as far as I know. They already do a 2A+2A combo. Her 3T is actually much better than what it used to be, if you can believe that, and she hardly ever misses it. Obviously synchronization is an issue, but the fact that she can land it and rotate it every single time out is a huge improvement already. I think her 3T is better than her 2A at this point.

    I remember when this team surprised everyone by winning the silver at Junior Worlds in 2007...and then the drug ban, etc. They've come a long way and I'm glad to see them on the podium. They have world champion potential.
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