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Thread: Prediction: Who will make it to the JGP Final?

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    Quote Originally Posted by mskater93 View Post
    As always, it will come down to how clean they skate. Period.
    But of course. Estonia starts tomorrow with Ladies SP the last of the three competitions that day.

    Just curious, do you skate at the same rink as Gracie? You made some references that indicated as such.

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    Yes, I skate at one of the rinks she skates at and have rearranged my schedule to be on different sessions than she as she is in her own little world when she skates.

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    Julia LIPNITSKAIA - 30
    Polina SHELEPEN - 30
    Vanessa LAM - 26
    Zijun LI -26
    Polina KOROBEYNIKOVA - 22 (tiebreaker)
    Polina AGAFONOVA -22

    Still to skate: Anna SHERSHAK (13; 150.21); Risa SHOJI (13; 147.49) ; Samantha CESARIO (11; 153.84)

    If Gracie wins, both Risa and samantha should be in.
    Risa with a bronze here would have 24.
    Samantha with a bronze here would have 22, unfortunately, she will be out as one of the Polinas lucked out with a silver.
    I think Samantha will over take Risa for the silver. Her LP is stronger.

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    good luck to all in final.

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