Well what can I say!

Apologies as this could probably go in the Men's LP thread but since I'm having to do a U-turn on my opinion of Pluschenko I think it does deserve its own thread (just for seniorita).

I have to admit to being blown away by his skating live. His presence on the ice was matched by not a single other skater at the event. His command of the ice, of the performance, of all of his movement is really electric to behold live. I seriously never thought I would write those words but it is true. His jumps are even more phenomenal in person, and while his spins on the competitive ice were only so-so (really just his back camel as the sit spins were not only all the way down but fast), in practice he can hit the positions and keep up the speed in a way that didn't happen in the competition.

There's a lot to say for someone stepping onto the ice like they are already the champion and skating like they've already won, everyone else seemed hesitant (with the exception of Amodio who was also great).

Watching live for the first time also made me see how strong persoinalities really project to the back of the stadium in a way that you don't see on TV because the cameras have you right up close. I guess it is the difference of a theatre actor compared to a tv actor - a simple facial expression can make a skating performance wonderful on TV but makes absolutely no difference from the 15th row of the live audience.

Anyway - maybe i'll be a new fan just for seniorita!


PS: meeting seniorita was probably the highlight of the whole competition! She is just as fun and great company as you would imagine! We needed a broomstick to get her down from ceiling after Plushy won, and it was really great to see!