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Moa skated better than everyone else. She didn't jump better than everyone else, but she skated better than everyone else, This was a skating competition. What else is there to say?

Haha. Funny, I'm having such trouble keeping up with skating this season. I feel like I've totally average casual viewer .... so from that perspective, yeah, there was no contest. Kiira was as lovely as ever but her mistakes were as obvious as ever (but she was sooooo lovely). It's fun to watch Julia on the senior stage and I always love watching her nutty flexibility but she completely skated through her music. It was driving me a bit bonkers. Nothing she was doing on the ice had anything to do with the music. I couldn't figure out if she was behind or ahead of her music or if she just hasn't learned to hold her moves or her choreo was bad. Anyway, hopefully that will come with time and I hope she fixes the jump issues everyone else is talking about. Very good first showing! I was disconcerted to see her looking so sad in the kiss and cry. She must be very hard on herself.

Glad that Mirai got through her first and only GP event okay but it was a bummer to see her rather slow and once again only start to look like she was having fun toward the end. The magic is not there. Also, did she suddenly develop more of a leg wrap or was that always there? Did anyone here what her coach said to her in the K&C? She said "I feel like something something..." and her coach said "you know why? Because something something something..."

P.S. Gosh, Mao's costume was gorgeous. At first I thought, yawn, another swan but then I started loving how they chose silver and white instead of black and white and how her skirt tu-tued just enough when she jumped and twirled.