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Not to add fuel to the fire, but it's totally evident that the judges totally kept up Kostner for the title.

Her FS at Worlds last year got 65 pts of PCS and here she lands 4 triples in a program with worse choreography and gets 70.28 points. For comparison, Yu Na got 71.76 points at the Olympics with a perfect, way more technically demanding and certainly better choreographed and executed skate.

I think the most infuriating this is that Carolina has done better programs with wayyy better choreography than Bolero and with more speed and yet she's being rewarded with higher points.

You only need to look to her SP for blatant judging errors -- 4 out of 9 judges gave her -2 on the 3-3 combination that had a fall -- which is an automatic -3 in the SP.

That she wins with 4 triples is frankly a joke. And people's attitudes here (she should get at least xx points higher than so-and-so, even if she does badly) are the exact reason people vilify figure skating and its judges (who have the same notion that because she's a veteran she's automatically given an advantage). Think about what you say when you say she should be given a 15-point advantage... you're saying even if Kostner leaves out her 3Z, 3F, and a 3S, she should still get enough PCS to make up for that.
She has speed, elegance and lightness. You should give her a chance.

At Worlds, she will be performing a 7-triple-program, her practices were awefully good (3F-3T; 3Lz-3T).