Some of you asked about the synchro competition, and now there's videos in youtube!
Go here.

Results were:
1.Team Unique "Great balls of fire"
2. Team Paradise "Bla bla bla cha cha cha"
3. Marigold IceUnity "African Vogue"
4.Rockettes "Aloha moho"
5. Revolutions "Daughters of the wind"

Reguired elements this season in short program:
1. Block, pivotin must be done in 4 lines ( senior teams all attempt level4, so they have to do the pivoting with 4 steps on one foot and pivot 270 degrees. Pivot point musch change ens once.
2. Moves in the field
3. Wheel, travel must be done in a parallel wheel and change of direction in 2-spoke wheel. (for level4 you must do travel extra features such as release your hold for 3 secons)
4. No hold element (the step sequence done in 4 line no hold block)
5. Intersection (for seniors the required intersection this season is angled intersection)

This is very early for synchroteams to compete, so the programs aren't ready yet. Still i'm very excited for this season, since the finnish teams are all in a good shape, especially I liked Rockettes and Marigold's programs. Team Unique is strong and technically very good, but the program itself wasn't my favorite.
Revolutions are using finnish folkmusic in their program. And are you guys familiar with voguing? Marigold is using voguing in their short, and they mixed it up with Lion King! They have made Lion King program before, and they actually use they old starting position in this program. Lion King from the 2003 Worlds

Russia's Paradise have skated to ballad for 2 season in a row in their short so it was nice to see them doing something different, anf i'm sure that no other synchro team could so a cha cha as good as they did!