I wanted to take a more in-depth look at this program's choreography. So I put together this video, in order to see the whole program as conceived, even though Yuna's performance was a bit rough and reserved. It combines her practice opening 3/3 and the rest of her actual program in competition.


My first impression overall was that the program definitely has more choreographic passages than last season's Les Miz, more sharp movements and transitions befitting a tango.

I really liked the following sections in particular:

  • Movements right after the 3/3
  • Tango steps, turns after the 3Flip
  • Transition into the 3S/2T
  • Her poses right before step sequence
  • Ina Bauer into the 2A/2T/2L
  • The sharp arm movements after the 2A/2T/2L
  • Choreography between the solo 3S and the layback spin

If she could add some energy to them with the sass she showed for her Bond Girl, Roxanne and Danse Macabre programs, these sections could really shine. The movement and steps in the raw I think are definitely tango, but to make it work she needs to add a bit of passion and her fierce diva attitude, which I think were missing at Golden Spin.

Some areas that I think need a bit of work:

The step sequence
The choreographic sequence/spiral

Both the step sequence and the choreographic sequence were a bit slow, and the choreographic spiral sequence didn't seem to go well with the music. Maybe she was tired and so the timing was off. The spiral's timing also seemed odd (it was during a silent pause in the music I think).

As for the music cut, I like it up to the last 3Salchow and the layback. I thought it builds up well up to that point. After that, though, I'm not sure.

I want to get people's opinions on what worked and what didn't. After watching the video, what areas of the program did you like and didn't like, and why? How would you improve it?