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Thread: Drug Screen Audits

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    Re: Drug Screen Audits

    It kind of bugs me...with all these athletes aware of what substances are banned by their federations or other governing bodies, that they don't READ the ingredients on the label????? How often could it be innocent "cold medicine" that is the positive test result. Sorry, if you're sick, sure, you're sick....but for these athletes, their sport is basically their jobs. I know that I can't go to work under the influence of I don't load up on Nyquil before going in! Same idea.


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    Re: Drug Screen Audits

    Kasey, I agree. I think most of these athletes rely on coaches, etc. to clue them in if their taking something banned...especially the young athletes. Adult athletes need to look out for themselves and double check medications if there is the slightest doubt.......42

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