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2014 Olympics Ladies Short Program


Final Flight
Mar 16, 2013
No, if she had skated clean she would have received 71-ish (she lost 6.50 points for the triple flip), 72-ish if the spins were more stable. That fall really rattled her. Besides I think it's notable to note that this is the first time she's fallen to the ice in her three years of international competition.

Not to say that the fall didn't rattle her, but didn't she fall at Cup of Russia 2013?


Nov 1, 2009
No that was insulting and the reason skating is going down as a sport. When skating turns into beauty contest, then we are in trouble for people to get it is a very hard sport. I find Akiko adorable and inspiring. But still it doesnt matter. We are dealing with athletes here. I think twitter is an excuse to say the meanest things, it is one thing if I write it and another if a known sports commentator with thousand followers does. His legendary status doesnt excuse it either.

Thank you, Seniorita. I don't know what was said about Akiko, however, it seems to me that she is the skater most targeted with insults regarding her "looks". I feel for her; I think she is beautiful, inside and out.


Feb 9, 2014
Agreed again! I simply can't warm up to Yuna. Dick Button describes it as "pasted-on artistry." and while her arms and carriage are gorgeous, her toes are not pointed and her free leg is stiff.

Stiff?? Have you seen Yuna skate?? She just flows on the ice. If anything I felt Carolina is always a little stiff.