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2018 JGP Linz Rhythm Dance


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Apr 10, 2018
In positive news, the ISU banned that poster who is always bullying the dancers in the comments sections of their videos.

good i am sick and tired of her deranged self leaving hateful comments on ice dancers videos especially canadian ones. ISU JGP commented on her channel warning her not to comment derogtary remarks towards skaters on their channel and she didn't listen, serves her right.

elektra blue

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Jul 11, 2018
some totally random toughts after finally watching the rd

- i want to adopt the hubers children. so cute!!!

-being italian myself and just because of it, i felt the need to root for campanini/riva

- Lajoie/laga is the team i enjoyed the most

-Friend/badaoui: 2nd favourite. congratulations on the crazy start position.


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Aug 1, 2011
Here are the first two couples I missed (Mea Culpa, I lost track of time this morning!)

Country: Israel
Music: Flamenco: Corazon; Tango: Tango de Besame
Choreography by: Maria Tumanovska-Chaika, Anaid Konair
Costumes: Standard Tango drag for both: red dress for her; basic black for him

Required Elements:

Diagonal StSeq Flamenco Style
Twizzles - out of sync, too far apart and slow
AT pattern - they need to learn to skate this OUT. It's very small and CAUTIOUS
St Line Lift - she's a bit too "careful" to step up into position, but it is one of the most musical parts of their dance

I have a bit more time so I'll say this: they skate like 15 year olds. This dance is beyond their emotional capabilities so far. That's not necessarily a criticism of them. A flamenco should be pasionate and fiery and snap snap snap. I felt like I could hear them counting off steps and beats in their head. There was no fire in it. Same with the AT. It's small and careful. They're doing steps. They're not dancing. At least not yet.

Score: 38.05 (20.60 TES, 17.45 PCS)

Corinna HUBER / Patrik HUBER
Country: Austria
Music: Tango: "Tango en Ebony;" Paso Doble: "Tango en Ebony - Paso Doble; Tango: "Tango en Ebony"
Choreography by: Dmitri Sildoja, Mariana Kozlova
Costumes: Ah, Flashier Trad Tango Drag: black dress with sequins, tiered ruffled skirt with red border for her; black pants with black and red abstract patterned shirt for him.

Required Elements:

A whole lotta noodle steps (I mean a WHOLE lotta) to start that aren't really adding anything into...
AT Pattern - again, skate OUT. Hard to differentiate your AT pattern from the noodle soup it emerages from
Twizzles - slow but not bad
Midline Step Sequence - it's Paso Doble music kids; it needs a very definite energy kick from the tango to make it stand out
Straight Line Lift - Very slow

What I said about the Israelis applies here, only more so. She's more interesting to watch than him, at least at this point.

Cute coach (shoot me, I'm human!).

Score: 31.76 )19/04 TES, 12.72 PCS)


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Feb 13, 2013
No skater should be criticized for fun, and it doesn't matter of the level of skating. Most skaters, even the lowest ranked ever, is better than most of us. No skater wants to make mistakes. Yes, judges are sometimes guilty for being biased. But skaters, all try to be at their best. Not all are good at that. They are not responsible for the marks they get. I am happy ISU banned the trolls, but sad the chat was closed because of some bad people.

Going back to dance, I noticed one of the judges is Maurizio Margaglio. Anyone remembers him dancing with Barbara Fusar Poli? That look at the Olympics???

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Jan 26, 2014
Going back to dance, I noticed one of the judges is Maurizio Margaglio. Anyone remembers him dancing with Barbara Fusar Poli? That look at the Olympics???

Margaglio was on the tech panel in Lintz as the assistant technical specialist, not a judge. And I most remember him and Barbara for skating with a great deal of personality and fight and winning the 2001 Worlds. (I have a postcard from him somewhere, actually, in response to a card I threw onto the ice for them during the exhibition gala. I have one from Peizerat for the same reason. Funny how in both cases, the guys were the ones who wrote & signed the cards:)).