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2018 JPG Bratislava Rhythm Dance


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Aug 1, 2011
Eliana Gropman / Ian Somerville
Country: United States of America
Music: Tango: Nuevo Tango by Cuarteto Nuevo Tango / Argentine Tango: La Cascada by Seoan (ft. Kathy) / Tango: Nuevo Tango by Cuarteto Nuevo Tango
Choreography by: Elena Novak, Gregjavasc Zuerlein, Natalia Korikova
Costumes: lvoely dramatic blue dress with red for her (unusual and striking choice), black with blue belt and highlight for him

Required Elements:

Step Sequence. - good skating skills. Nice edges
AT pattern - Good speed and flow but need to work on the emotional connection. It was missing for me.
Curve lift - nicely done
Twizzles - 1st set a bit separated but one of the better pairs

You can see the basic skills are there. The dance is new. Not thrilled with the music, which is dull to the point of coma-inducing.

Score: 60.37 (33.70 TES, 26.27 PCS)


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Mar 22, 2018
Smooth lift! Canadian Ice Dance has a bright future, that was a sharp, nice program.

Colonel Green

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Mar 3, 2018
I’d say that K/N’s five point lead looks pretty good, this being ice dance (barring catastrophe in the free). The second through fourth (maybe even fifth) teams all have a shot at the podium places, depending on how the free goes.


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Aug 1, 2011
Alicia Fabbri / Paul Ayer
Country: Canada
Music: Tango: A Evaristo carriego by Eduardo Rovira / Tango: Obertuna performed by Forever Tango
Choreography by: Mylene Girard
Costumes:Very trad red dress with top half bling for her; basic black for him

Required Elements:

AT pattern - a bit small but he's got the character DOWN which is impressive for this early in the season
Twizzles - they could work on getting them closer together, but the sync is very good for a newer team
St Seq - better than the AT pattern. Nicely sharp Good attack.
Curve lift - could use more of a curve.

These two have POTENTIAL. He's currently more interesting to watch than her, but I thought they had one of the best attacks of the day, with a real understanding of the tango character. Keep an eye on these two.

ETA: ah that's a rotational lift. No wonder I missed the curve. It was a bit all over the place so please make my pbp life easier and work on that m'okay? Much appreciated!

Score: 58.91 (32.50 TES, 26.41 PCS)


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Nov 12, 2012
^ Thanks WA for doing these PBPs. Much appreciated :)

Protocols are out: http://www.isuresults.com/results/season1819/jgpsvk2018/jgpsvk2018_JuniorIceDance_RD_Scores.pdf

K/N got very good levels and only missed the the first AT KP and MiSt3.

ETA: Very few 4's given out by judges overall.

I do think that both in juniors and seniors at least patterns are very difficult ones to perform to the music and being together on the same page with it. Both Argentine Tango and Tango Romantica require a lot of attention from both partners to keep lines, speed, accentuation in movement in synch AND to match it all with music/rhythm; moreover, the posture, partnering and closeness are extremely important and difficult to maintain through the whole pattern. Step sequence is also a challenging element in that RD for me - again, aside of nailing edge work, it requires a lot of 'attentiveness' and awareness over music, expression, cohesion between general movement flow and gesturing/nuancing the music, especially with Tango type of dance which can easily fall into over-acted/over-posed/cliché category.

Today, I was the most impressed by Gropman/Somerville, Elizaveta/Nikita and Fabbri/Ayer - in particular Americans for the flow and smoothness, Russian duo for crisp technique and some interesting transitions/expressiveness through performance and with Canadians for great flair and presentation (he is one heck of a partner!)


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Jan 7, 2016
i will celebrate when my girl and her new beau do well soon... a bit nervous

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except it's 6 48 am here LOL

I knew that! I’ve been in your shoes many, many times, just wished I could’ve joined you, ha ha!