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2020-21 Japanese Nationals: Free Dance


Final Flight
Mar 1, 2014
Misato and Tim/Takeru are the class of the Japanese field, hands down. Congrats on their well deserved 3rd title! :clap:

Kiria and Aru were quite lovely. Apart from Rikako's unfortunate slip, her and Oliver were solid too and probably deserved the silver here.

I agree with cohkaix, that Dai looked more spooked than Kana by yesterday's scare. He was too tentative and probably overthinking. He did so well and was a great source of support for Kana in the RD. The adrenaline both of them seemed to be fuelled by yesterday may have worn off today. All of that said, I'm proud of Kana for holding up so well. I hope her injury isn't serious and that it won't take long to heal properly, so that they can get back to work soon. And I really hope they're not disheartened, because the potential is definitely there. It can't be stressed enough that they only started out together in February and that Dai is a rookie ice dancer.

At NHK they delivered a wonderful rendition of La Bayadere. This time they showed great improvement in the RD. If they are able to combine both in the future, they can become a strong team. Ganba! :hap10:


Gold for the Winter Prince!
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Jan 23, 2004
Hello everyone I just woke up looked at the scores and oh my Dai tough skate. Seems like
his nerves got to him with everything going on with Kana's injury, glad they were barely able to hold on
to the Silver. Don't beat yourself up to much Dai remember you are a newbie.

Congrats to Misato and Tim on their 3rd National Title!