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2020-21 Russian Ladies' Figure Skating

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Nov 24, 2006
You have the opportunity to attend the Russian Championship at the end of 2021. It can be a great new year trip to the decorated St. Petersburg, and tickets for the championship will cost no more than $ 20.:party2:

Also, within a year, the Russian government plans to simplify the period for issuing electronic visas to several days, and flying tickets pretty cheap from Europe to Saint-Petersburg.
Don't tempt me!!!!! LOL. How much are hotels there? I could see myself flying across the world for Russian Nationals much more so than me spending thousands going Nashville for USNats. I'd also enjoy the men's and pairs there too, unlike USN.


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Nov 21, 2015
I never understood why Eteri even bothered giving her trial period. She is the weakest skater of Davydov's. Her jump technique is going to break down soon and her skating skills are really poor. She has a very demonstrative face, but choreography requires more than OTT facial expressions. If anything, a technical coach like Plushy is probably the best place to go to for her, but she's likely on the verge of losing all her jumps. Too bad for her, but she was never going to be good enough for TeamTut.

I like the way she skates, and yeah she has the expression (which i don't see in none of the others) they did her dirty with that sudden mid season program change to something very snoozy too.

But i'd agree the technique is very Tarusina-like, all about that fast rotation, not much lift on these jumps... her only chance is to get JGP assignments and do well there enough to get recognition in Russia.

I think Eteri gave her trial period only because she has a quad already.
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