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2021 Worlds: Gala


Jan 12, 2018
That stupid moving camera on ice totally spoiled the gala for me. I cannot watch it like that. Seriously, one of the worst invention in the history of ice skating.

Seven Sisters

Jul 17, 2018
after seeing Morisi's exhibition program, I'm glad they did invite him, that was a fun program.
The difference between how he skates his competitive programs and how he skates that exhibition is like night and day, isn’t it? It makes me wonder which of the two is the real
Also, Tuktamysheva was awesome. What a performer, from the tips of her fingers to the tips of her toes. I couldn’t help but think of how her rendition of Shallow gets to the heart of it in a way Hubbell & Donohue never managed.
I really liked Kaori’s music and think it might make a good SP for her.
Kolyada’s exhibition was a work of art, just amazing. Please keep this one for the Olympic year, Mikhail.
And—above all—thanks to the person who posted the link to the archived German stream, which worked for me, hooray!


Jul 19, 2008
The Gala is due to start now. However, since I have not seen any of the Frees yet, I will not be watching LIVE.

Here is the link for the ISU livestream on the ISU YouTube Channel:

Here is the link for the BBC Red Button coverage on the BBC Sport website (being shown tonight at 18:00 BST):

And here is the link for the BBC Red Button coverage on the iPlayer (being shown tonight at 18:00 BST):

Here is the link for the World Feed coverage on the Eurosport Player:

And here is the link for the British Eurosport 2 coverage on the Player (starts in 1h 45m from now):

Here is the Time Schedule:

Hope this helps

:cheer: ALL THE BEST EVERYBODY!!! :cheer:

I am lucky to be able to watch via Eurosport Player and BBC red Button and both gave us great commentary. Mark Hanretty for Eurosport and Robin Cousins on Red Button who really gave the best explanations and clear commentary I have heard in years. Thank you both after years of shouting at the screen I enjoyed every moment.